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Subject [cayenne-website] branch asf-site updated: release highlights
Date Wed, 20 Mar 2019 07:42:33 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

aadamchik pushed a commit to branch asf-site
in repository

The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/asf-site by this push:
     new 659740a  release highlights
659740a is described below

commit 659740a4b8608e950cad85042412531a6002e125
Author: Andrus Adamchik <>
AuthorDate: Wed Mar 20 10:42:29 2019 +0300

    release highlights
 .DS_Store                                         | Bin 6148 -> 0 bytes
 2019/03/cayenne-41b1-released.html                |  15 +++++++++++++--
 img/cayenne-modeler-40rc1-a464d37d53.png          | Bin 54843 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/android-chrome-192x192-c8e800d2b0.png | Bin 1118 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/android-chrome-512x512-f4a2f5a020.png | Bin 3391 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/mstile-144x144-5f1d044e49.png         | Bin 1144 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/mstile-144x144-a94ba73eaf.png         | Bin 1047 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/mstile-150x150-0fe674a907.png         | Bin 869 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/mstile-150x150-13e731f590.png         | Bin 1043 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/mstile-310x150-0d0c5a17af.png         | Bin 1141 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/mstile-310x150-ff5e1a04ff.png         | Bin 861 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/mstile-310x310-a40d63b59e.png         | Bin 1781 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/mstile-310x310-b51c330c59.png         | Bin 2371 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/mstile-70x70-6e391d6d5c.png           | Bin 650 -> 0 bytes
 img/favicon/mstile-70x70-c524897489.png           | Bin 724 -> 0 bytes
 img/logo_mono_full-b893724c6c.svg.png             | Bin 1468 -> 0 bytes
 img/modeler-4-24b0368dc2.0-screen.png             | Bin 52711 -> 0 bytes
 img/modeler-dbimport-58df3bd3e6.png               | Bin 74222 -> 0 bytes
 img/modeler-screen-368bbb5de6.png                 | Bin 52415 -> 0 bytes
 schema/.DS_Store                                  | Bin 6148 -> 0 bytes
 20 files changed, 13 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/.DS_Store b/.DS_Store
deleted file mode 100644
index cff8ab3..0000000
Binary files a/.DS_Store and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/2019/03/cayenne-41b1-released.html b/2019/03/cayenne-41b1-released.html
index 5225c33..9377836 100644
--- a/2019/03/cayenne-41b1-released.html
+++ b/2019/03/cayenne-41b1-released.html
@@ -91,8 +91,19 @@
-<p>Apache Cayenne team is glad to announce first beta release of Cayenne 4.1.
-The API is frozen now and it is safe to try it out. From now on the 4.1 branch will concentrate
on bug fixes.</p>
+<p>Apache Cayenne team is glad to announce the first beta release of Cayenne 4.1.
+The API is frozen now and it is safe to try it out. From now on the 4.1 branch will concentrate
on bug fixes.
+The highlights of this release are:</p>
+<li><p>Cross-context synchronization to turned off by default. This should improve
commit performance and cluster consistency. It can be turned back on via <code>cayenne.server.contexts_sync_strategy</code>
property (aka <code>Constants.SERVER_CONTEXTS_SYNC_PROPERTY</code>)</p></li>
+<li><p>Improved &ldquo;DB Import&rdquo; tab for DataMaps</p></li>
+<li><p>&ldquo;Class Generation&rdquo; dialog is now implemented as a
DataMap tab. Class generation user selections are preserved in the project and can be reused
from Maven/Gradle/Ant cgen.</p></li>
+<li><p>General Modeler cleanup and bugfixes; framework bugfixes.</p></li>
 <p>Cayenne can be downloaded from <a href="/download.html">here</a>.</p>
diff --git a/img/cayenne-modeler-40rc1-a464d37d53.png b/img/cayenne-modeler-40rc1-a464d37d53.png
deleted file mode 100644
index 155d77c..0000000
Binary files a/img/cayenne-modeler-40rc1-a464d37d53.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/android-chrome-192x192-c8e800d2b0.png b/img/favicon/android-chrome-192x192-c8e800d2b0.png
deleted file mode 100644
index 2d7a971..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/android-chrome-192x192-c8e800d2b0.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/android-chrome-512x512-f4a2f5a020.png b/img/favicon/android-chrome-512x512-f4a2f5a020.png
deleted file mode 100644
index 53eaf3a..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/android-chrome-512x512-f4a2f5a020.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/mstile-144x144-5f1d044e49.png b/img/favicon/mstile-144x144-5f1d044e49.png
deleted file mode 100644
index e9ad16c..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/mstile-144x144-5f1d044e49.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/mstile-144x144-a94ba73eaf.png b/img/favicon/mstile-144x144-a94ba73eaf.png
deleted file mode 100644
index b0c413a..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/mstile-144x144-a94ba73eaf.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/mstile-150x150-0fe674a907.png b/img/favicon/mstile-150x150-0fe674a907.png
deleted file mode 100644
index c7e2f37..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/mstile-150x150-0fe674a907.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/mstile-150x150-13e731f590.png b/img/favicon/mstile-150x150-13e731f590.png
deleted file mode 100644
index 2a23695..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/mstile-150x150-13e731f590.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/mstile-310x150-0d0c5a17af.png b/img/favicon/mstile-310x150-0d0c5a17af.png
deleted file mode 100644
index 39eb111..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/mstile-310x150-0d0c5a17af.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/mstile-310x150-ff5e1a04ff.png b/img/favicon/mstile-310x150-ff5e1a04ff.png
deleted file mode 100644
index a16a0fb..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/mstile-310x150-ff5e1a04ff.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/mstile-310x310-a40d63b59e.png b/img/favicon/mstile-310x310-a40d63b59e.png
deleted file mode 100644
index 1038484..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/mstile-310x310-a40d63b59e.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/mstile-310x310-b51c330c59.png b/img/favicon/mstile-310x310-b51c330c59.png
deleted file mode 100644
index bfd3116..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/mstile-310x310-b51c330c59.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/mstile-70x70-6e391d6d5c.png b/img/favicon/mstile-70x70-6e391d6d5c.png
deleted file mode 100644
index 960737d..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/mstile-70x70-6e391d6d5c.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/favicon/mstile-70x70-c524897489.png b/img/favicon/mstile-70x70-c524897489.png
deleted file mode 100644
index 5c85dac..0000000
Binary files a/img/favicon/mstile-70x70-c524897489.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/logo_mono_full-b893724c6c.svg.png b/img/logo_mono_full-b893724c6c.svg.png
deleted file mode 100644
index d0f01cd..0000000
Binary files a/img/logo_mono_full-b893724c6c.svg.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/modeler-4-24b0368dc2.0-screen.png b/img/modeler-4-24b0368dc2.0-screen.png
deleted file mode 100644
index ccbda61..0000000
Binary files a/img/modeler-4-24b0368dc2.0-screen.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/modeler-dbimport-58df3bd3e6.png b/img/modeler-dbimport-58df3bd3e6.png
deleted file mode 100644
index 9ee5af7..0000000
Binary files a/img/modeler-dbimport-58df3bd3e6.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/img/modeler-screen-368bbb5de6.png b/img/modeler-screen-368bbb5de6.png
deleted file mode 100644
index b73b2c6..0000000
Binary files a/img/modeler-screen-368bbb5de6.png and /dev/null differ
diff --git a/schema/.DS_Store b/schema/.DS_Store
deleted file mode 100644
index b83a83c..0000000
Binary files a/schema/.DS_Store and /dev/null differ

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