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Subject [cayenne] branch master updated: Update RELEASE-NOTES.txt
Date Wed, 13 May 2020 13:00:55 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

ntimofeev pushed a commit to branch master
in repository

The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/master by this push:
     new dd65dd8  Update RELEASE-NOTES.txt
dd65dd8 is described below

commit dd65dd8cb651f6f472cf0ba8967aa9552f71bf5c
Author: Nikita Timofeev <>
AuthorDate: Wed May 13 16:00:40 2020 +0300

    Update RELEASE-NOTES.txt
 RELEASE-NOTES.txt | 578 ++----------------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 566 deletions(-)

diff --git a/RELEASE-NOTES.txt b/RELEASE-NOTES.txt
index 63af94f..0f019d0 100644
@@ -8,6 +8,18 @@ To browse individual bug reports check out project issue tracker:
+Release: 4.2.M2
+Changes/New Features:
+CAY-2338 Support comments in cgen and default templates
+CAY-2656 Modeler: option to download required jars directly from maven central
+Bug Fixes:
 Release: 4.2.M1
 Date: April 7, 2020
@@ -116,569 +128,3 @@ CAY-2653 No methods for queries with qualifier parameters generated
 CAY-2654 Exception in dbimport when relationships should be imported, but no explicit configuration
 CAY-2655 AutoAdapter missing supportsGeneratedKeysForBatchInserts() method
-Release: 4.1.B1
-Date: March 7, 2019
-Changes/New Features:
-CAY-2446 Run Disjoint By Id queries outside of synchronized block
-CAY-2447 Crypto support for LocalDateTime
-CAY-2471 Support multiple XML project versions
-CAY-2473 Modeler: cleanup attributes and relationship editors
-CAY-2474 Modeler: swap buttons in dialog toolbar
-CAY-2475 Modeler: move inheritance icon to name column in objAttr table and objRel table
-CAY-2478 cgen: Generate properties for PK
-CAY-2481 Support for Object[] as return type in SQLTemplate and SQLExec
-CAY-2485 Compact Slf4j Logger
-CAY-2487 Removed usage of CayenneException.
-CAY-2489 Add validation to the case of not to PK relationships
-CAY-2491 Remaster Db Import View
-CAY-2493 Save cgen configuration with datamap XML
-CAY-2494 Rename dbImport tag from 'config' to 'dbImport'
-CAY-2499 Support for COUNT(DISTINCT(column)) function aggregate
-CAY-2514 Set SERVER_CONTEXTS_SYNC_PROPERTY default value to false
-Bug Fixes:
-CAY-2320 Modeler: Limit input into numeric fields to 10 digits
-CAY-2444 Change URI from http:// to https:// in xsi:schemaLocation
-CAY-2445 Oracle: Problem with ExpressionFactory.notInExp()
-CAY-2449 Modeler: Needless scrollbar in Generate DB Schema result menu
-CAY-2450 Modeler: Impossible to update Attribute title after syncing ObjEntity
-CAY-2451 Modeler: ObjEntity "Edit" button doesn't open editor for Relationship
-CAY-2454 Modeler: Unable to read validation message if it's truncated
-CAY-2455 Modeler: The width of the pop-up window is very large
-CAY-2459 Modeler: DataMap paste function is not working
-CAY-2462 Modeler: Clipboard holds old content after application was reloaded
-CAY-2463 Modeler: DB Schema generation doesn't work
-CAY-2464 ClassCastException when returning PRUNED_NODE in expression transformer
-CAY-2470 Can't bind SQLExec parameters in a loop
-CAY-2472 Clear cached replacement query on mutation in all indirect queries
-CAY-2476 Modeller: Fixed wrong behaviour of code generation dialog
-CAY-2480 cayenne:cdbgen and cayenne:cgen have identical text in cayenne-maven-plugin
-CAY-2484 maven plugins missing in 4.1.M2 release
-CAY-2490 Added dbEntities from other datamaps in dbRelationship dialog.
-CAY-2496 Fixed wrong table behavior: focus color, cleanup DBAttribute Path cell on select.
-CAY-2497 Modeler: SQL Scripts tab isn't scrollable
-CAY-2501 Modeler: DbImport ui not loading columns for MySQL connector v8.0
-CAY-2502 DataMap in DataNode tree view disappears after dbImport
-CAY-2504 Broken detection logic of NoopEventBridge in DataRowStoreFactory
-CAY-2505 EventBridge providers should be bound without scope
-Release: 4.1.M2
-Date: July 11, 2018
-Changes/New Features:
-CAY-1683 Injectable PkGenerator
-CAY-2304 Custom ClassLoader for Maven and Gradle plugins that use project dependencies
-CAY-2334 cgen: option to force run from maven/gradle
-CAY-2337 Save reverse engineering configuration with datamap XML
-CAY-2372 Extract new modules from cayenne-server
-CAY-2377 Cleanup deprecated code.
-CAY-2391 cdbimport: add option to skip user-defined relationships
-CAY-2393 Add sqlserver-docker profile to automate tests on SQLServer
-CAY-2394 Upgrade to Apache Velocity 2.0
-CAY-2395 cdbimport: add option to create project file
-CAY-2396 Upgrade maven-assembly-plugin to 3.1.0
-CAY-2398 Deprecate cayenne-joda
-CAY-2400 Deprecate cayenne-dbcp2
-CAY-2403 Extract eventbridges to top level
-CAY-2404 Move itests to maven-plugins
-CAY-2406 Add prefetch-related API to SQLSelect
-CAY-2407 Modeler: add prefetch support for the SQLTemplate query
-CAY-2410 Add prefetch type support for SQLTemplate query and SelectQuery
-CAY-2414 Modeler: new icon design
-CAY-2415 Transaction isolation and propagation support
-CAY-2416 Change TreeMap for HashMap to store data in Cayenne model classes
-CAY-2422 Modeler: Open driver setup window on driver load error
-CAY-2438 Split DataChannel filter into two independent filters
-CAY-2440 cdbimport: allow cross-schema relationships
-CAY-2443 Make SqlTemplate and SqlExec possible to return generated keys
-Bug Fixes:
-CAY-2282 Various Update Issues With Vertical Inheritance
-CAY-2370 ValueObjectType for byte[] fails lookup
-CAY-2380 ReferenceMap should not store or return null values
-CAY-2381 cgen: meaningful PK with boxed type ends up with primitive type in generated source
-CAY-2382 Lack of synchronization in DataContext serialization
-CAY-2387 Can't select byte[] property with ColumnSelect
-CAY-2388 Modeler: Visualization issues with undo/redo actions for attributes and relationships
-CAY-2389 DbEntity qualifier with DbPath expression translates into wrong SQL
-CAY-2392 Modeler: Unable to remove DataNode
-CAY-2397 Modeler: Unable to set enum:value as Entity qualifier
-CAY-2401 Modeler: NPE in ObjEntity sync action
-CAY-2405 Broken prefetch of entity with inheritance and attribute with custom java type
-CAY-2408 Cayenne JDK 10 compatibility
-CAY-2411 Wrong resolution of ExtendedType with ValueObjectType for inherited class
-CAY-2418 Modeler: unable to edit entity selected via Search
-CAY-2419 Modeler: Not changing highlight on selecting search results within one entity
-CAY-2420 Modeler: search is not performed for Stored Procedures
-CAY-2425 Modeler: Migrate DB Direction field is locked if no option was selected in dropdown
-CAY-2427 Modeler: Undo throws exception
-CAY-2429 Generate classes: Invalid template type: EMBEDDABLE_SINGLE_CLASS
-CAY-2430 Modeler: Redo throws NPE
-CAY-2435 cdbimport: procedure parameters are not imported
-CAY-2436 NPE in CayenneRuntimeException constructor
-CAY-2439 Modeler: Error deleting dbEntity when show only dbEntities filter is set
-CAY-2442 Broken EventBridge providers implementations
-Release: 4.1.M1
-Date: October 14, 2017
-Changes/New Features:
-CAY-2152 Redesign project file upgrade system
-CAY-2329 Update project dependencies
-CAY-2330 Field based data objects
-CAY-2335 New XML loading/saving mechanics with support of plugable handlers
-CAY-2336 Support for comments in Modeler
-CAY-2339 Compatibility module to support old versions of projects at runtime
-CAY-2344 Modeler: Save ER-Graph and class diagram
-CAY-2345 Own template renderer as a replacement for Velocity
-CAY-2346 Field-based data object with Map-based storage fallback
-CAY-2351 Remove commons-collections usage completely
-Bug Fixes:
-CAY-2312 Modeler: Undo does not work for checkboxes
-CAY-2318 Modeler: Query. Exception after Undo clicking
-CAY-2319 Modeler: Embeddable > Attributes. Undo does not cancel pasted objects
-CAY-2321 cdbimport: Reverse relationship is not created after adding and rev engineeering
new db table
-CAY-2323 Modeler: Graph. No warning while saving the image with existing name
-CAY-2331 cgen: broken templates for data map
-CAY-2347 cdbimport: can't get all relationships on the first pass
-CAY-2349 Cache issue: 'SelectQuery' with prefetches loses relationships
-CAY-2350 Expression: NotIn with empty collection returns empty result
-CAY-2353 Broken paginated column select with only one entity in the result
-CAY-2354 DbGenerator.runGenerator must commit its connection
-CAY-2356 EJBQL: Incorrect COUNT() on outer joined table
-CAY-2357 Generic select queries silently convert result to nulls if no PK column found
-CAY-2358 NPE when callbacks invoked on null objects
-CAY-2359 EJBQL: db path in not supported in ORDER BY
-CAY-2361 PostgreSQL DbGenerator issues
-CAY-2362 ColumnSelect: unable to use Property without type
-CAY-2363 ColumnSelect: unable to use from nested context
-CAY-2364 Wrong logging in SQLTemplate
-CAY-2365 SQLExec query tries to convert (unexpected) result set into objects
-CAY-2366 Incorrect EJBQL COUNT translation
-CAY-2367 ClassCastException reading object with an attribute of type 'char'
-CAY-2368 ColumnSelect: Property.self() translates into wrong SQL code
-Release: 4.0.B1
-Date: June 12, 2017
-Changes/New Features:
-CAY-1873 Move DataDomain cache configuration from the Modeler and into DI
-CAY-1891 Modeler: Add To-Many Warning
-CAY-1892 Modeler: Add Relationship Data Type Warning
-CAY-2057 Modeler: Clean up OS X version
-CAY-2109 cayenne-crypto: add value authentication (HMAC)
-CAY-2210 Query cache: incorrect cache key for queries with custom value objects
-CAY-2255 ObjectSelect improvement: columns as full entities
-CAY-2258 DI: type-safe binding of List and Map
-CAY-2259 QueryCache: support for referencing type-safe caches
-CAY-2261 Replace NamedQuery with MappedXYZ in *datamap.vm
-CAY-2262 Module auto-loading
-CAY-2266 Move EventBridge implementations into autoloadable modules
-CAY-2267 Contribute lifecycle events listeners via DI
-CAY-2268 DI: Refactor ListBuilder API ambiguities for before() / after() bindings
-CAY-2269 Add support for date/time components extraction in expression functions
-CAY-2270 Update function support in expression parser
-CAY-2271 ColumnSelect: support for prefetch and limit
-CAY-2272 ColumnSelect: methods to manually control DISTINCT clause
-CAY-2274 Modeler: Validate case when dependent PK is marked as “generated”
-CAY-2277 Create ClientRuntime with ClientRuntimeBuilder just like ServerRuntime
-CAY-2278 Extract cayenne-postcommit module from cayenne-lifecycle
-CAY-2280 Switch from commons-logging to slf4j
-CAY-2295 "Sync ObjEntity with DbEntity" and "View related DbEntity" buttons aren't disabled,
if DbEntity doesn't have ObjEntity
-CAY-2296 cayenne-crypto: Get java type for DbAttribute bound to ObjAttributes with the same
-CAY-2300 Modeler: New icons and design improvements
-CAY-2302 Rename postcommit module and its content to commitlog
-Bug Fixes:
-CAY-2021 cdbimport: detect when same FK constraint is defined twice
-CAY-2077 Bug in CayenneRuntimeException using wrong specified string in Formatter
-CAY-2094 SelectById query doesn't work from ROP client
-CAY-2161 'Not for Client Use' option is ignored at Class Generation
-CAY-2171 Modeler: Undo db Entity Sync throws error
-CAY-2208 SQLTemplate: LEFT JOIN to a subset of a table returns nulls for entries that don't
have a match in the subset
-CAY-2230 Error using connection to postgresql with db schema in DB URL
-CAY-2240 Modeler: issue with cursor rendering for EJBQL query
-CAY-2243 ObjectContext.getGraphManager().unregisterObject() inconsistencies
-CAY-2250 Remove: Incorrect text in Confirm Remove message when cursor is set on attribute
-CAY-2256 Cannot Save/Insert an Object With null Flattened (complex) toOne Relationship (see
also CAY-2146)
-CAY-2265 ServerRuntime.builder() fails to set default runtime name when a the project file
doesn't follow recognized pattern
-CAY-2273 Modeler: default suggested cgen location is rooted in subpackage
-CAY-2275 Documentation: tutorial is out of sync with 4.0.M5 version
-CAY-2276 PrePersist listener registered as PostPersist in LifecycleCallbackRegistry.addListener(Class<?>,
-CAY-2279 cdbimport: skip PK comparison for VIEWs
-CAY-2281 ObjEntity attribute overrides are never deleted
-CAY-2284 Expression likeIgnoreCase can't handle unicode chars in in-memory evaluation
-CAY-2286 Filter out inherited ObjEntities from sync with DbEntity
-CAY-2326 DI: can't override List/Map elements from another Module
-Release: 4.0.M5
-Date: March 6, 2017
-Changes/New Features:
-CAY-2139 Upgrade HSQLDB dependency to the most recent version (2.3.4)
-CAY-2150 Refactoring: ParameterBinding to contain ExtendedType property
-CAY-2163 Property.path() , ExpressionFactory.pathExp()
-CAY-2164 Relocate builder bootstrap methods from ServerRuntimeBuilder to ServerRuntime
-CAY-2165 Explicit "contribution" API for easier expansion of DI collections and maps
-CAY-2166 Auto-loading of Cayenne modules
-CAY-2168 Split DbLoader to parts and clean it up
-CAY-2169 Split DbMerger to parts and clean it up
-CAY-2170 MergeToken sorting is highly unstable
-CAY-2172 Cleanup Modeler import and migrate db actions
-CAY-2176 Java 7 diamond class generation templates
-CAY-2177 Sync auto generated state of PK between model and DB
-CAY-2187 Support for the scalar and aggregate SQL functions in ObjectSelect API
-CAY-2197 Update sqlite version and enable in-memory default config
-CAY-2212 cdbimport cleanup and configuration schema refactoring
-CAY-2223 JCacheQueryCache - a query cache provider to plug in JCache implementers
-CAY-2225 Extensible CacheInvalidationFilter logic
-CAY-2228 Deprecate multiple cache groups in caching and query API
-CAY-2231 Support for collections in new functional expressions and old math expressions
-CAY-2232 Proper conversion to String for new functional expressions
-CAY-2235 Deprecate Query.getDataMap() method
-Bug Fixes:
-CAY-2032 SelectAction: DistinctResultIterator ignores flattened relationships
-CAY-2137 When generating SQL from EJBQL, use "AND" to separate multiple join conditions
-CAY-2174 Change FK attribute name cause ObjAttribute appear after Reverse Engineering
-CAY-2175 AliasName used in EJBQLQuery is not working if it contains mixed case
-CAY-2183 Newly created DbRelationship is unexpectedly renamed by the Modeler
-CAY-2199 Modeler on Windows: The same project is displayed twice in "Recent Projects"
-CAY-2207 Modeler: "Java Type" and "DbAttribute Path" are not saved with using TAB to move
-CAY-2221 In-memory expression evaluation gives different result than select query
-CAY-2236 Modeler Migrate DB Schema: unable to Reverse All Operations
-CAY-2238 Modeler: Preserve manually set DbRelationship name when syncing with ObjEntity
-CAY-2242 Vertical Inheritance: Cannot Insert Record For Implementing Class with Attribute
And Relationship
-Release: 4.0.M4
-Date: December 13, 2016
-Changes/New Features:
-CAY-2051 Applying new Reverse Engineering to the Modeler
-CAY-2053 SQLExec fluent query API
-CAY-2060 Replace Query objects in DataMap with query descriptors
-CAY-2062 MappedSelect and MappedExec fluent query API
-CAY-2063 ProcedureCall fluent query API
-CAY-2065 Pluggable serialization and connectivity layers for ROP
-CAY-2073 Ordering.orderedList methods
-CAY-2074 Support for catalogs in stored procedures
-CAY-2076 Implement Jetty HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2 Client support for ROP Client
-CAY-2083 Implement Protostuff as serialization service for Cayenne ROP
-CAY-2090 Untangle HttpRemoteService from ServiceContext thread local setup
-CAY-2100 Add supporting generated keys for PostgreSQL
-CAY-2102 EJBQL: db: path not supported in select columns
-CAY-2103 cayenne-crypto: support for mapping non-String and non-binary types
-CAY-2106 cayenne-crypto: allow DI contribution of type converters inside ValueTransformerFactory
-CAY-2107 cayenne-crypto: Lazy initialization of crypto subsystem
-CAY-2111 Unbind transaction object from the current thread for iterated queries
-CAY-2112 Expose callback for "performInTransaction"
-CAY-2113 cdbimport: Reverse-engineering reinstates previously ignored columns
-CAY-2114 cdbimport: object layer settings are not respected
-CAY-2115 DbLoader - allow loading DataMap without Obj layer
-CAY-2116 Split schema synchronization code in a separate module
-CAY-2118 cdbimport: drop support for the old style of table filtering
-CAY-2129 Modeler: reengineer dialog improvements
-CAY-2130 Stripping common name prefixes on reverse engineering
-CAY-2132 Adding SybaseSelectTranslator to support TOP/DISTINCT TOP in limited queries
-CAY-2133 ObjectNameGenerator refactoring - unifying relationship name generation
-CAY-2135 cdbimport: reset DbEntity catalogs / schemas to DataMap defaults
-CAY-2136 Allow Ordering.orderedList(…) methods to accept a Collection rather than only
a List
-CAY-2160 Modeler: new welcome screen
-CAY-2222 MySQLAdapter should not create indexes on FK columns
-Bug Fixes:
-CAY-2016 cdbimport: Rename table with toMany relationship causes migration error
-CAY-2064 Issue with BeanAccessor for classes with complex inheritance
-CAY-2066 Fixes for inner enums handling in ExtendedTypeMap
-CAY-2067 Cayenne 4.0 connection pool is occasionally running out of connections
-CAY-2070 Modeler sync function adds extraneous ObjRelationships inside the class hierarchy
-CAY-2078 Client code gen bug. Unnecessary DataMap class generation setting datamap gen to
-CAY-2080 Cayenne doesn't pick up reverse engineering file changes
-CAY-2084 ObjectIdQuery - no cache access polymorphism
-CAY-2086 SelectById.selectFirst stack overflow
-CAY-2087 PostCommitFilter is confused about changes made by Pre* listeners
-CAY-2089 HTTP connections aren't always closed in new ROP implementation
-CAY-2097 NullPointerException while updating relationships for entities with vertical inheritance
-CAY-2101 DataContext.currentSnapshot() doesn't set snapshot entity name
-CAY-2105 Add missing elements to the reverseEngineering.xsd
-CAY-2108 cayenne-di: StackOverflow for decorator that takes Provider of the delegate
-CAY-2110 Obfuscated exception when processing iterated results
-CAY-2119 ProjectUpgrader test failure (Windows)
-CAY-2122 Vertical Inheritance: Cannot Insert Record For Implementing Class with Attribute
And Relationship
-CAY-2125 SchemaUpdateStrategy doesn't work with multiple DataNodes
-CAY-2126 Modeler cannot upgrade project from v7 to v9
-CAY-2128 Modeler stored procedures are not imported
-CAY-2131 Modeler NullPointerException in reverse engineering when importing different catalogs
in one datamap
-CAY-2138 NVARCHAR, LONGNVARCHAR and NCLOB types are missing from Firebird types.xml
-CAY-2141 Disjoint-by-id prefetch generates repeating ID conditions
-CAY-2143 NPE in BaseSchemaUpdateStrategy
-CAY-2144 cdbimport always fails for databases which don't support catalogs
-CAY-2146 Vertical inheritance: record still inserted into parent db table when child validation
-CAY-2148 Failure upgrading from 3.1 to M4
-CAY-2150 UI bug: PK generation custom sequence is getting reset
-CAY-2151 Migrate Database Schema: issue when no db is specified
-CAY-2153 Modeler Exception in save action after reverse engineering some complex DB schema
-CAY-2154 Migrate db: queries order
-CAY-2226 PK generation for Frontbase: PK cache size must be ignored
-Release: 4.0.M3
-Date: February 12, 2016
-Changes/New Features:
-CAY-1626 Add JodaTime DateTime support
-CAY-1902 Implement resolving Db paths for DataObjects
-CAY-1991 More control over generated String property names
-CAY-1992 Allow to exclude DataMap java class from Modeler class generation
-CAY-1995 Add support for iterators to Select
-CAY-2001 Saving a display state of Project
-CAY-2004 EJBQL: Support for ordering on aggregate expressions
-CAY-2007 Refactoring SelectTranslator for better extensibility
-CAY-2008 Connection pool refactoring and validation query support in Cayenne DataSource
-CAY-2009 Non-blocking connection pool
-CAY-2010 DataSourceBuilder to help users create pooling and non-pooling DataSources
-CAY-2011 Support for Java 8 date and time types
-CAY-2012 ObjectSelect, SelectById: eliminating methods that reset query state
-CAY-2013 In-memory evaluation of DB expressions - non-id attributes
-CAY-2023 Decouple the use of ResourceLocator
-CAY-2025 Support for DBCP2
-CAY-2026 Java 7
-CAY-2027 Support for Expression outer join syntax in EJBQL
-CAY-2028 Wrap DataChannelFilter calls in the main transaction
-CAY-2029 Allow out-of-order insertion into DI lists
-CAY-2030 Capturing a stream of commit changes
-CAY-2035 Autobind items added to collections (Cayenne DI)
-CAY-2042 Remove an arbitrary limitation on 1000 runtime DbRelationships
-CAY-2043 ServerRuntimeBuilder: use DataDomain name for the default DataNode
-CAY-2044 Collection setter for to-many relationships
-CAY-2045 Add autosuggestion fields to choose attributes and relationships
-Bug Fixes:
-CAY-1977 Cleanup Modeler reverse engineering functionality
-CAY-1987 Widen types before performing in-memory evaluation of qualifiers using j.l.Number
-CAY-1990 Incorrect display of the raw SQL query in Modeler
-CAY-1993 Reverse Engineering does not work with PostgreSQL database
-CAY-1994 Modeler Migration Tool Shows No Changes
-CAY-1997 Difference in NULL handling inside the path between PropertyUtils and DataObject.readNestedProperty
-CAY-1998 Speeding up PropertyUtils
-CAY-1999 Unneeded Property import for superclasses with no properties
-CAY-2003 cdbimport doesn't work properly with several includeTable tags
-CAY-2015 Joint prefetches combined with DisjointById prefetches return null incorrectly
-CAY-2020 typo: correction to upper alpha range in Rot13PasswordEncoder
-CAY-2041 "cayenne.jdbc.max_connections" and "cayenne.jdbc.min_connections" command line options
are ignored
-CAY-2047 Relationship mapping with target inheritance
-CAY-2049 Changing the Relationship name in ObjRelationship Inspector has no effect
-Release: 4.0.M2
-Date: March 18, 2015
-Changes/New Features:
-CAY-1267 Some changes to LogDialog
-CAY-1826 Merge Entity Attributes and Relationships tabs together with one toolbar.
-CAY-1839 Allow to link DataMaps to DataNodes from DataNode editor.
-CAY-1841 Filters for Left-hand project navigator
-CAY-1842 Remove Listeners support from the Modeler
-CAY-1843 DataMap v7: Stop saving listeners in DataMap, add upgrade handler
-CAY-1845 Upgrade javadoc plugin to 2.9.1
-CAY-1846 Reworking of callback mapping
-CAY-1847 Make ConverterFactory extensible
-CAY-1848 New method: ObjectContext.selectOne(Select query)
-CAY-1851 Generate default serialVersionUID for generated java classes to avoid eclipse warnings
-CAY-1852 Straighten thread model and synchronization in the Modeler
-CAY-1855 Iterated and paginated queries must print result counts
-CAY-1856 Expression.expWithParameters does not work when parameters are placed in the inline
-CAY-1860 In-memory matching of DataObjects against ObjectId or int
-CAY-1861 Remove runtime relationships
-CAY-1870 cgen - smarter default for 'superPkg' and 'destDir'
-CAY-1882 Porting to OSGi environment
-CAY-1883 Clean up Cayenne maven structure
-CAY-1886 cayenne-di module reorg, new exceptions
-CAY-1890 Remove Cayenne-level buffering when retrieving LOBs
-CAY-1894 Support native PK generation using sequences for H2 databases
-CAY-1899 ServerRuntimeBuilder
-CAY-1900 Allow DataNode name to be used as a root of SQLTemplate
-CAY-1901 Config-free ServerRuntime
-CAY-1904 Simple injection-friendly constructor for AuditableFilter
-CAY-1907 RowReaderFactory
-CAY-1908 Refactor all SQLActions to work with DataNode
-CAY-1911 BatchQuery refactoring - make Iterable
-CAY-1912 BatchQueryBuilder refactoring
-CAY-1913 Refactor org.apache.cayenne.access.trans into query-specific packages
-CAY-1914 Refactor EJBQL-related translators to a standalone 'org.apache.cayenne.access.translator.ejbql'
-CAY-1915 BatchTranslator instead of performing bindings should return binding object whose
values can be altered
-CAY-1916 cayenne-crypto module that enables data encryption for certain model attributes
-CAY-1918 Replace Oracle LOB hacks with JDBC 4.0 API
-CAY-1919 Split DataNode creation into a separate DataNodeFactory
-CAY-1920 DI: add support for decorators
-CAY-1921 Support for schema selection in 'Migrate Database Schema'
-CAY-1923 Optimize BatchTranslator - use fixed size array of BatchParameterBinding
-CAY-1925 cayenne-crypto: add optional compression to the encryption pipeline
-CAY-1928 Second INNER join generated for OUTER flattended relationships in disjoint prefetches
-CAY-1929 Property.outer method to build OUTER join properties
-CAY-1932 Improved Handling for Scalar Parameters Converting Expressions to EJBQL
-CAY-1933 Problems in Evaluating EJBQL Statements with Integral Literals > Integer.MAX_VALUE
-CAY-1934 A problem exists where the escape character is not conveyed in the EJBQL when toEJBQL()
is invoked on the expression.
-CAY-1936 ServerRuntime.getDataSource() returning DataSource of a default DataNode
-CAY-1937 Make Transaction an interface
-CAY-1938 Create a DI factory for transactions, get rid of TransactionDelegate and modeler
config for tx policies
-CAY-1939 DataDomain must use injectable TransactionManager
-CAY-1946 CDbimport improvements
-CAY-1949 Search in configuration fields (Catalog, Schema) in DbEntity
-CAY-1952 Undeprecate (actually restore) ObjectContext.deleteObject(..)
-CAY-1953 Redo ResultIteratorCallback to handle single row callback instead of iterator
-CAY-1954 Make Cayenne class constructor protected
-CAY-1958 SelectById - a new full-featured select query to get objects by id
-CAY-1959 ObjectSelect query - a fluent API alternative to SelectQuery
-CAY-1960 ExpressionFactory.exp(..) , and(..), or(..)
-CAY-1962 Implement CayenneTable column resize on double-click on the header separator
-CAY-1965 Change version from 3.2 to 4.0
-CAY-1966 SQLTemplate/SQLSelect positional parameter binding
-CAY-1967 Deprecate SQLTemplate parameter batches
-CAY-1968 SQLSelect cleanup and omissions
-CAY-1971 Variants of : contains(..), startsWith(..), endsWith(..)
-CAY-1972 A property to override DataSources of multi-module projects
-CAY-1981 Add support of JDBC 4.0 N-types (nchar, nvarchar, longnvarchar, nclob)
-CAY-1984 cdbimport doesn't flatten many to many relationships
-Bug Fixes:
-CAy-1988 ServerRuntimeBuilder: synthetic DataNode does not have domain's DataMaps linked
-CAY-1480 Implement cross-db functional expressions
-CAY-1695 Unexpected null value in bidirectional one-to-one prefetch
-CAY-1736 IllegalArgumentException when synchronizing entities in the Modeler
-CAY-1795 "Invisible" ObjAttribute in subclass
-CAY-1796 ROP: All entity's to-many relationships getting faulted from database when using
it as a parameter in qualifier expression
-CAY-1797 NPE importing DataMap
-CAY-1798 ROP: Reverse relationships of prefetched entity objects are not filled during server
to client objects conversion
-CAY-1799 ROP: Server can't deserialize LIKE expression with pattern already compiled
-CAY-1818 Fix copyright year in the Modeler "about" panel
-CAY-1834 Exception: ToManyList cannot be cast to DataObject
-CAY-1857 Problem with hotkeys
-CAY-1859 NullPointerException when importing EOModel
-CAY-1863 Make determining whether a particular database type supports length adapter-specific
not universal
-CAY-1866 Change in General Modeler Preferences reverts old settings to default value
-CAY-1868 Select contention with multiple contexts
-CAY-1869 ResultIterator from cayenne-client dependency is subclassed from org.apache.cayenne.access.ResultIterator
which is present only in cayenne-server dependency
-CAY-1874 DB2 Procedure action ignores the first result set
-CAY-1877 In-memory evaluation of expression may fail with UnsupportedOpeartionException depending
on order of nodes
-CAY-1880 objectStore snapshots never cleared from RefreshQuery when "use shared cache" unchecked
-CAY-1881 CayenneModeler (Mac version) doesn't work with Java 7
-CAY-1885 Null value in subclass's field.
-CAY-1905 Multi-step prefetching NPE : 1..N..1 with absent N and root with no qualifier
-CAY-1943 XML file not deleted when a DataMap is deleted from the project
-CAY-1961 Fix RemoveAction for DataMaps in ProjectTree
-CAY-1964 Fix convertAdditionalDataMaps() in
-CAY-1973 error while generating classes
-CAY-1974 Copy/Paste DbEntiry throws exception
-CAY-1978 ESCAPE clause should be included in LIKE parenthesis
-CAY-1979 Prefetches on Many-to-Many Relationships with Longvarchar
-CAY-1980 'mvn cayenne-modeler:run' seems to be broken in 4.0
-Release: 3.2M1
-Date: July 19, 2013
-Changes/New Features:
-CAY-1294 Generify query
-CAY-1646 Synchronize tabs in Modeler between ObjEntity and DbEntity editor panes
-CAY-1647 Easily switch to/from ObjEntity and DbEntity in Modeler
-CAY-1717 [PATCH] Implement JDBC compatibility layer methods
-CAY-1718 Remove everything deprecated in 3.1
-CAY-1724 Add 'Property' class for easier and better Expression creation
-CAY-1726 Expression parser support for bit operators, support for << and >>
-CAY-1737 ObjectContexts listening to DataChannel events must be non-blocking
-CAY-1748 IdCoder/EntityIdCoder improvements to work with ObjectIds, including temp ones
-CAY-1753 remove light-superclass.vm class template
-CAY-1754 Modeler suggested URL for SQLServer should start with 'jdbc:sqlserver:' instead
of 'jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver:'
-CAY-1758 cdbimport improvements
-CAY-1759 cdbimport improvements: add 'catalog', rename 'schemaName' to 'schema'
-CAY-1760 cdbimport improvements: Default adapter (if none specified) must be AutoAdapter,
not JdbcAdapter
-CAY-1761 cdbimport improvements: DbLoader must reverse engineer PK auto-increment state.
-CAY-1762 cdbimport improvements: Support for "defaultPackage" parameter, as the new DataMaps
ends up placing entities in the root package
-CAY-1763 cdbimport improvements: specified "schema" should become the default schema of the
generated DataMap
-CAY-1764 cdbimport improvements: "overwrite" flag
-CAY-1765 cdbimport improvements: add excludeTables/includeTables parameters
-CAY-1766 Deprecating DataPort ant task
-CAY-1768 cdbimport improvements: DataMap "project-version" attribute is skipped when DM is
-CAY-1769 cdbimport improvements: meaningfulPk flag must be turned into a pattern
-CAY-1771 cdbimport improvements: "usePrimitives" flag
-CAY-1772 Real support for DbEntity catalogs
-CAY-1778 TransactionManager to simplify user-managed transactions
-CAY-1779 Flatten object entities for many to many relationships on reverse engineering
-CAY-1781 Add StatelessContextRequestHandler as an alternative to the Session-based one
-CAY-1785 SelectQuery<T> for DataRows
-CAY-1789 Lock-free EntityResolver
-CAY-1792 [PATCH] Supply additional factory methods for generic SelectQueries
-CAY-1803 Optimize Expression conversion to String and EJBQL
-CAY-1809 Remove 'final' modifier from Cayenne, HessianUtil, PropertyComparator, ConversionUtil,
and LinkedDeque
-CAY-1813 Missing ObjEntity Attribute Validation with Duplicate DbEntity Columns
-CAY-1814 Support Property.nin
-CAY-1819 When adding a filter, auto-register it as a listener
-CAY-1820 DataDomain.addListener(Object) - a shortcut for adding annotated listeners
-CAY-1821 AuditableFilter and friends should explicitly work with Persistent instead of Object
-CAY-1822 Make DataMap editor fields wider
-CAY-1823 remove ":sync w/DbEntity" button from ObjEntity - it is redundant and already present
on the entity toolbar.
-CAY-1825 Simplify API for setting up query caching
-CAY-1828 SQLSelect - generics friendly fluent selecting sql query
-CAY-1829 Make ResultIterator implement Iterable<T>, create ObjectContext.iterate method
-CAY-1836 Firebird Adapter
-CAY-1838 Deprecate EntityResolver.indexedByClassProperty
-CAY-1840 Conditionally log slow / long-running queries
-CAY-1844 Configuration for maximum time to wait for an available DB connection
-CAY-1862 MySQL - allow specifying a length for TIMESTAMP and TIME columns
-Bug Fixes:
-CAY-957 Deadlock in nested contexts
-CAY-1522 EJBQL query don't support quotes
-CAY-1677 Modeler: text fields discard input unless you press enter
-CAY-1701 Modeler cannot undo pasting of obj (db) entity
-CAY-1708 Modeler error when pasting datamap with EJBQL query
-CAY-1714 ROP: Cayenne tries to build a query for non committed object when using more than
2 nested contexts
-CAY-1721 Writing blobs fails (Oracle)
-CAY-1725 NullPointerException from call to removeToManyTarget
-CAY-1719 Modeler - Obj Attribute Java Type editor won't focus sometimes
-CAY-1727 Modeler thinks entity is using inheritance when it doesn't
-CAY-1729 PersistentDescriptor must have predictable property iteration order
-CAY-1738 Tutorial cayenne-rop-server should be packaged as a war
-CAY-1739 Cayenne ROP server resets session on every request if BASIC auth is used
-CAY-1742 ObjRelationship inspector says "ObjAttribute Inspector"
-CAY-1744 Unexpected read-only relationships in vertical inheritance mapping
-CAY-1749 NPE on simple nested context commit
-CAY-1755 FaultFailureException resolving relationships to UNIQUE non-PK columns
-CAY-1757 ROP: Faulting entity relationship resets uncommitted modifications made to its reverse
-CAY-1774 EhCacheQueryCache.get(QueryMetadata, QueryCacheEntryFactory) returns null if EhCache
instance for group is not present
-CAY-1780 cdbimport do not create xml file in resource folder
-CAY-1782 Deadlock when performing many concurrent inserts
-CAY-1783 JdbcPkGenerator.longPkFromDatabase would throw an exception if the PK value exceeds
a range of Java int
-CAY-1794 Duplicate attributes in discriminator columns of PersistentDescriptor
-CAY-1804 Serialisation of long[] type was not working correctly.
-CAY-1806 Error importing eomodel
-CAY-1817 NPE during Validate Project
-CAY-1827 EhCache region corresponding to a cache group loses its settings after 'removeGroup'
-CAY-1832 Exception when modifying objects in postLoad callback

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