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From Eric Yang <>
Subject Re: Ho to deploying a custom processor to demux
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 23:11:43 GMT

On 12/22/09 2:40 PM, "Bill Graham" <> wrote:

> Thanks for your quick reply Eric.
> The TsProcessor does use buildGenericRecord and has been working fine for me
> (at least I thought it was). I've mapped it to my dataType as you described
> without problems. My only point with issue #1 was just that the documentation
> is off and that the DefaultProcessor yields what I think is unexpected
> behavior.

I will update the documentation to align with the code.  Thank you for
finding this.
> Yes, annotations would be useful. Or what about just having an extensions
> directory (maybe lib/ext/) or something similar where custom jars could be
> placed that are to be submitted by demux M/R? Do you know where the code
> resides that handles adding the chukwa-core jar? I poked around bit but
> couldn't find it.
> Finally, is there a JIRA for this issue that you know of? If not I'll create
> one. This is going to become a pain point for us soon, so if we have a design
> I might be able to contribute a patch.

The extensions could be added by adding the class to the class path of the
demux process.  If you put your jar file in CHUKWA_HOME/lib and update
chukwa-demux-conf.xml, then it should work automatically.  We probably
should have a jira to document this.  Please go ahead and file one.

For your interest, the annotation jira is:


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