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From Bill Graham <>
Subject suggested changes to tools/init.d scripts
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2010 18:24:29 GMT

To get the scripts in the tools/init.d folder to run in our environment I
had to make a few of the same tweaks to each of them. I'd like to suggest
some refactoring of these scripts to make them more easy to use. These are
the issues I came across:

1. The scripts try to write lock files to /var/lock/subsys, which is owned
by root. Can we change this location to be somewhere that doesn't require
root access?

2. The actual run command does an su to the CHUKWA_USER which also caused
problems for us. It seems like it would be cleaner to not embed the su calls
in the script, but instead allow the user to su when they run the script
(which worked much better for us). That way everything done by the script
would be done by the same user.

3. Each script has CHUKWA_HOME, CHUKWA_CONF_DIR and CHUKWA_USER hard coded.
Hard coded defaults is ok, but the ability to override them without
modifying the scripts would be ideal.

Let me know if you think these changes make sense and I'll open a JIRA.


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