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From Bill Graham <>
Subject Invoking Chukwa collectors through a load balancer
Date Thu, 14 Jan 2010 01:47:35 GMT

When talking about the $CHUKWA_HOME/conf/collectors file, the admin guide
says this:

"Agents will pick a random collector from this list to try sending to, and
will fail-over to another listed collector on error."

What happens though in the case where there is only one collector
configured? Will the agent continue to try the same collector? How many
times will the agent retry before giving up?

My use case is that we're looking to put a load balancer in front of our
collectors, so my collectors file will contain only one entry. If a request
fails, I'd like it to try again up to a certain point.

I know the load balancer approach is counter to intent of the
agent/collector design, but in our case managing active collector nodes via
a load balancer is a lot easier that managing them in the configs of all of
our agents.


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