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From Eric Yang <>
Subject Re: suggested changes to tools/init.d scripts
Date Fri, 15 Jan 2010 19:02:05 GMT

 Thanks for clarifying the issues. I am glad it is working.  I think the
follow up tasks are:

1. Clear documentation on collectors file and agents file.
2. Still clean up CHUKWA-446 to avoid confusion of shell scripts, and remove
tools/init.d scripts from RPM packaging.

Patch contributions are welcome. :)


On 1/15/10 9:49 AM, "Bill Graham" <> wrote:

> Just to follow up on my own comment here, I've uncovered the issue. It seems
> bin/ does correctly read the conf/collectors file for a
> list of hostnames to start the collectors on via ssh.
> The sed error I was getting upon running the start script was because the
> conf/collectors file didn't have hostnames in it. Instead it had HTTP URLs to
> the collectors, since what the agent expects.
> The problem is that conf/collectors file is used by two different processes,
> and each requires a different format. bin/ expects URLs to the
> collectors it should communicate with, while bin/ expects a
> list of hostname to start collectors on. I'm running each on the same host in
> dev so I got bit by this issue.
> In our production environment this will be a non-issue, since we'll have RPMs
> with different configs on different hosts, but this is a source of confusion
> that I thought I should point out.
> thanks,
> Bill
> On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 12:15 PM, Bill Graham <> wrote:
>> Thanks Eric, that makes sense. I'm going to use the Hadoop-style start-*.sh
>> scripts instead, since they seem to work better for my needs.
>> The agent and data processor start/stop scripts work for me, but the
>> bin/ scripts fails:
>> $ sda bin/
>> sed: -e expression #1, char 11: unknown option to `s'
>> Has anyone else seen this?
>> It also seems like this script ultimately invokes, which looks for
>> hostnames in conf/agents. Is this a bug or are collectors expected to run on
>> the agents nodes? I thought they were more typically run on the Hadoop data
>> nodes.
>> On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 10:50 AM, Eric Yang <> wrote:
>>> Hi Bill,
>>> The scripts are over due for a clean up.  Majority of the scripts were
>>> designed to work in a specific environment for Yahoo.
>>> On 1/12/10 10:24 AM, "Bill Graham" <> wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> To get the scripts in the tools/init.d folder to run in our environment I
>>>> had
>>>> to make a few of the same tweaks to each of them. I'd like to suggest some
>>>> refactoring of these scripts to make them more easy to use. These are the
>>>> issues I came across:
>>>> 1. The scripts try to write lock files to /var/lock/subsys, which is owned
>>>> by
>>>> root. Can we change this location to be somewhere that doesn't require root
>>>> access?
>>> This was designed to run as /etc/init.d script.  I would recommend to remove
>>> tools/init.d and /etc/init.d script, and focus on using start-*.sh stop-*.sh
>>> commands like hadoop.
>>>> 2. The actual run command does an su to the CHUKWA_USER which also caused
>>>> problems for us. It seems like it would be cleaner to not embed the su
>>>> calls
>>>> in the script, but instead allow the user to su when they run the script
>>>> (which worked much better for us). That way everything done by the script
>>>> would be done by the same user.
>>> Base on previous experience, we had a user who were running everything as
>>> root.  Su was put in there to safe guard the program from that user.  It was
>>> a pain to clean up hundred of machines with root owned files.  In a
>>> production environment, it is probably not Chukwa's responsibility to safe
>>> guard permission.  +1 on removing su.
>>>> 3. Each script has CHUKWA_HOME, CHUKWA_CONF_DIR and CHUKWA_USER hard coded.
>>>> Hard coded defaults is ok, but the ability to override them without
>>>> modifying
>>>> the scripts would be ideal.
>>> Current documentation doesn¹t talk about those properties are configurable
>>> during build time.  If you compile from trunk or 0.3 branch, you can copy
>>> to, and specify the path and running
>>> user.  However, the replace only applies to /etc/init.d/chukwa-* scripts,
>>> and install from RPM.  (Chukwa has an "ant rpm" target.)  tools/init.d was
>>> meant as a template, hence no replacement took place.
>>>> Let me know if you think these changes make sense and I'll open a JIRA.
>>> Yes, open a jira, and we can discuss in depth of the changes.  I would like
>>> to see /etc/init.d and tools/init.d to be removed completely, and use
>>> start-*.sh and stop-*.sh command to be consistent with hadoop.
>>> Regards,
>>> Eric

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