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From RainerDun <>
Subject About the hicc start in eclipse
Date Mon, 18 Jun 2012 14:02:55 GMT
hello :
  I just started learning chukwa, and i want to build the chukwa source
code in eclipse ,but when i run the
org.apache.hadoop.chukwa.hicc.HiccWebServer to start the hicc service .
appeared some the following error tips:
12/06/18 21:01:34 INFO conf.ChukwaConfiguration: chukwaConf
is /home/rainerdun/project/chukwa-incubating-0.5.0/etc/chukwa/
12/06/18 21:01:35 INFO hicc.HiccWebServer: Initializing HICC Datastore.
12/06/18 21:01:35 INFO hicc.HiccWebServer:
12/06/18 21:01:35 ERROR hicc.HiccWebServer: HDFS unavailable, check
configuration in
12/06/18 21:01:35 ERROR util.PidFile: Delete pid file, No such file or
directory: /home/rainerdun/project/chukwa-incubating-0.5.0/var/run/
12/06/18 21:01:35 ERROR util.PidFile: Delete pid file
failed, /home/rainerdun/project/chukwa-incubating-0.5.0/var/run/

 In  getResourceListing("descriptors")  method 
 public List<String> getResourceListing(String path) throws
URISyntaxException, IOException {
    ClassLoader contextClassLoader =

    URL dirURL = contextClassLoader.getResource(path);

    if (dirURL == null) {
      dirURL = contextClassLoader.getResource(path);
    if (dirURL.getProtocol().equals("jar")) {


Call dirURL.getProtocol(),My result is 'file',but not 'jar' 。i don't
know how and which this  'jar' to load to the classpath in the if
condition(dirURL.getProtocol().equals("jar")) ,.but for the error
tips, i have already set the parameter as the  according to the official
document。so please tell me some advices about this problem 。very

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