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From "" <>
Subject Builds and runs a CloudStack Management Server stack under Docker.
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2014 07:41:19 GMT

Apache CloudStack in Docker


git clone the file to your computer
git clone

Set up Ansible []

Execute ./

The first Playbook (build-docker-container.yml) is executed to create
the Dockerfile and builds the container. This playbook also ensures
that NFS is installed and creates /opt/storage/primary,
/opt/storage/secondary adds them to /etc/exports, restarts the NFS
server. Once all that is done, the playbook starts the container with
Secondary Storage mounted.

The second Playbook (configure-environment.yml) is executed to set
everything up on your host and create an Ansible host inventory for
the Docker container

The third Playbook (setup-cloudstack.yml) does the "heavy lifting" of
getting ACS management up and running. This includes setting up the
ACS database, starting ACS, and installing the system vm templates for
KVM and XenServer.

Access the CloudStack management interface via http://localhost:8080/client


Additonal work is forthcoming to provide a HTTP server to proxy
traffic to prevent the ugly jetty errors you get if you hit

The supervisord web interface is exposed on port 9001 from the
container (local port can be fetched by running "docker port
cloudstack 9001") for viewing CloudStack logs. I may move to Circus
from Supervisord to provide the ACS logs in the "docker logs" output.
Username and password are both "cloudstack"

Additionally, this is raw, OSS Apache CloudStack built from source and
not a noredist build (like the RPMs/DEBs), so it won't work with
things like VMware, Netscaler, etc., but I may fix that too.

Pull requests are very welcome.

白清杰 (Born Bai)



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