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From Sergey Levitskiy <>
Subject Re: Adding Regions and Zone's
Date Tue, 28 Jan 2020 14:54:28 GMT
This level of HA lays beyond the scope of ACS. I advise you to explore GLB that runs outside
of ACS that will direct traffic to the available VMs across regions. Alternatively if you
physical network architecture can provide the same L2 segments across regions you can explore
keepalived VRRP feature to move the same IP across the set of VMs in different regions. Those
floating IPs will need to be managed outside of ACS.


´╗┐On 1/27/20, 11:55 PM, "Prashant Rai" <> wrote:

    Hi All,
       - We have installed Cloudstack on two different regions and both are
       working fine.
       - We want to add both regions and have Zone Availability, i.e. if one
       zone goes down or fail, another zone will take care, and VM's can migrate
       to that zone. Providing zone HA feature.
       - Higher availability of the services: users can deploy services
    across Availability
       Zones and even if one of the Availability Zones goes down the services
       are still available to the end-user through VMs deployed in other zones.
    Please guide..........

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