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From Geoff Higginbottom <>
Subject Re: use an existing network
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 15:53:13 GMT
Hi Sebastien

What you describe can be achieved, but CloudStack will always allocate an IP to a VM.

It is possible to create a new Network Offering without DHCP, but you still need CloudStack
to allocate an IP to the Guest instance so it can manage it.

There is a blog article on cover this on an advanced network but the concepts
are the same.

I would recommend setting an exclusion range on your DHCP server then setting this as the
guest range in CloudStack.

You also need to create a Zone using Basic Networking but without security groups, so you
will need to cancel the wizard and create it manually from the infrastructure tab and ensure
you choose no security groups, this will place all your guest instances directly onto your


ShapeBlue Ltd

On 11 May 2012, at 15:03, "sebastien goasguen" <> wrote:


I want to deploy a very basic CS infrastructure.
I have a single physical network (basic lan). I do not have access to
the switch and can't configure vlans.
I have a DHCP server not managed by CS, the firewall is also
independent from CS.

I want all traffic (management, guest, storage, system etc..) to go
through the same network, no isolation at all.
The VMs will get an IP from the DHCP server and be bridged normally on
a single bridge (no vlan taggin).
The VMs IP will be in the same range than the hypervisors.

I am having trouble setting this up via the management UI, because the
various networks expect a different range, or a different network.

Is this doable ?

Ps: If this list is for announcements rather than questions let me
know, I will post in the forums.


Sebastien Goasguen

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