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From Alena Prokharchyk <>
Subject Re: can't assign public network to user. CS 3.0.2
Date Thu, 10 May 2012 18:20:01 GMT
On 5/10/12 11:59 AM, "" <> wrote:

>that works. I can see that all IPs from designated to account public
>network is allocated. But now i have another question. If account has
>several private network ?

Then you can't dedicate Public range to the account. This is a known
limitation in 3.0.x, I listed it in the functional spec
 It will be resolved only when we implement allocating public ip range to
the specific guest network.

> I created one more private network for account, requested IP address is
>coming from default pool, but not from assigned public network ? My final
>goal is the following.
>Account has allocated public network (only one) let say
>Account has private networks which is gonna be
>SNATed/Firewalled/LBed by IP addresses from Now
>accounted created one more network - say, requested pubic IP
>address for that new network will come from default pool of public
>networks. Is it possible to have public IP address for new private
>network from dedicated to that account public network, but not from
>default pool ? 
>> On 5/10/12 9:02 AM, "" <> wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>> I'm trying to create public network in my installation (advanced
>>> networking, 2 physical networks) and assign it to one of the accounts,
>>> cloudstack is generating message that "zone id=1 has more then one
>>> physical networks" and refusing to create network. If i don't do any
>>> network assignment (network is going to default public pool) - it works
>>> fine.
>>> Dan/borei
>>> ----------------------------------------------------------------
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>> Dan,
>> When you add public range per account, and account doesn't have any
>> Isolated Guest networks, we try to create this network for the account
>> automatically from the network offering marked with
>> As by default this network offering doesn't have any tags, there is no
>> to figure out what physical network the guest network should belong to.
>> There are a couple of ways to make it work on your side:
>> 1) Before creating public range per account, create the Guest Isolated
>> network for this account.
>> Or
>> 2) Create the network offering with the tag=tag defined on one of your
>> physical networks and mark this offering with Availability=Required.
>> Let me know if it works for you,
>> Alena.
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