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From Chiradeep Vittal <>
Subject S3 API in CloudStack 3.0.x
Date Wed, 30 May 2012 21:59:52 GMT
The S3 API formerly in the "Cloud Bridge" source has been moved to
Several bugs have been fixed and more features have been supported.
The complete list of supported APIs can be found here:
S3 API Page:

There has not been any formal QA applied to this feature, but I hope we
can move it to a more polished state.
For that, I hope the community can contribute some testing and bug fixing
resources. Instructions on using this at the end of this post.

The code has been tested using boto (, but I
suspect that there are other clients (AWS SDK, s3cmd,etc) that are also
popular. The error responses for S3 are not well documented, so some of
these clients might barf unexpectedly.

1. Get CloudStack running on the latest 3.0.x series

2. Enable the S3 API by setting the flag enable.s3.api to 'true' in the
configuration table. You can do this through the UI or directly in MySQL:
update configuration set value='true' where name='enable.s3.api';

3. Choose a local filesystem path where the objects will be stored. You
can mount an NFS store or use the local filesystem. E.g,:
mkdir -p /mnt/s3
Ensure that the 'cloud' user can write to this directory

4. Edit the file $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/

storage.root=<mount point or filesystem path>

5. Restart CloudStack

6. Obtain API and secret keys for a user (available in the Admin ui under
Accounts -> Users)
CloudStack Api key = this is the same as the AWS access key id
CloudStack Secret key = this is the same as the AWS secret access key
Generate a private key and a self-signed X.509 certificate. Substitute
your own desired storage location for /path/to/Š below.
$ openssl req -x509 -nodes -days 365 -newkey rsa:2048 <http://rsa:2048/>
-keyout /path/to/private_key.pem -out /path/to/cert.pem

Register the mapping from the X.509 certificate to your accounts API keys
with CloudStack. 
$ cloudstack-aws-api-register --apikey=<User¹s Cloudstack API key>
--secretkey=<User¹s CloudStack Secret key> --cert=</path/to/cert.pem>

The cloudstack-aws-api-register command is available in /usr/bin in the
machine where CloudStack is installed

7. Configure the boto S3Connection object as follows:
calling_format= OrdinaryCallingFormat()
connection = S3Connection(aws_access_key_id=<your api key>,
                           aws_secret_access_key=<your secret key>

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