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From "Daniel Mezentsev" <>
Subject Re: Add one more system VM
Date Sun, 27 May 2012 18:32:32 GMT
Hi James,

I was thinking about to replace built-in loadbalancer (haproxy), so not to  
mess-up with stock router, i wanted to take a look at possibility to  
create my own system VM for router/LB.
The reason for it - haproxy - reverse proxy, it works well for http/https  
type of traffic but for example for pop/imap/smtp where you need to track  
source IP address - that is not best choice. From my understanding haproxy  
can forward source IP address to servers in the CS pool but only for  
"http" type of traffic (not for "tcp") - correct me if im wrong. In any  
cases most probably i'll end up with F5, but seems like current support  
for it is broken (can't provision F5 device using cloud stack). I spent 3  
days trying to marry CS and F5 - no luck. Eventually after my  
investigation i found out that i don't have clear understanding how does  
F5 works in parallel with Software Router - default gateway for VMs is  
only one, and it's gonna be Software Router, from my understanding built  
in router will be sending traffic to F5 device using IP tables rules + ip  
route. That configuration has 2 significant draw-backs:

1) Configuration is way too complicated
2) Utilization of F5 functionality is really low

Again correct me if im wrong, but i can't find more or less detailed  
documentation how to setup environment.

> Hi Dan,
> What did you want your system VM to do? CloudStack automatically
> provisions System VMs as required.
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> Date: Tuesday, 22 May 2012 12:44 PM
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> Subject: Add one more system VM
>> Hi all,
>> Is there any way to add one more system VM, basically i need VM which
>> will be in the same network with the hosts of the cluster/pod.
>> Dan.
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