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From Shanker Balan <>
Subject Re: How to integrate Hadoop to CloudStack
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 08:09:29 GMT
(Moving to cloudstack-users@ with Bcc to

Hello Nguyen,

Nguyen Anh Tu wrote,
> Hi guy,
> Anyone can help me to integrate Hadoop to CloudStack. I read the article
> "CloudStack and Hadoop: a match made in the cloud" but can not find a way
> to do this.

Could you explain a bit more on what you mean by "Integrating Hadoop To
Cloudstack"? I am not using CS yet, but I have a bunch of use cases I have
been thinking about lately.

You can use Cloudstack to provision Hadoop instances very easily. Cloudstack's
bare metal provisioning capabilities allows you to build high performance

Cloudstack also provides an S3 compatible interface over supported object
stores like Swift and Caringo. So instead of using HDFS, you can choose to
store your data on CS backed by object store+s3 bridge.

On the other hand, if you are expecting a hosted Hadoop solution (like AWS
EMR), I dont think that's quite ready yet (or if its even on the roadmap
anytime soon).


PS: cloudstack-users@ might be a more appropriate list to discuss this

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