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From Marcos Ortiz <>
Subject RE: Using more than vswitch 0
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 07:26:14 GMT
Hi again,

I test your setting and, i give this error:

Provider VirtualRouter is either not enabled or doesn't support service Dhcp in physical network

But in network offering I check dhcp service

Thanks and regards 

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De: Prachi Damle [] 
Enviado el: jueves, 06 de septiembre de 2012 23:20
Asunto: RE: Using more than vswitch 0

Hi Marcos,

In the API's below, you specified tag 'guestv' for the physical network. But the tag on the
offering is 'guestv1' - That might be the reason for your offerings dropdown to be empty.

Also, the error you got while using API for createNetwork indicates that your offering does
not support specifying ip ranges. While creating the offering you should set specifyvlan =
Your offering below has <specifyvlan>false</specifyvlan>


From: Marcos Ortiz []
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2012 6:34 AM
Subject: Using more than vswitch 0

Hi all,

Based on cloudtack architecture, all guest, public networks has been created on vswitch0,
vmware only Support 256 port groups per vswitch, this is a limitation because we can´t use
more than 256 vlans for customers, I want to use vswitch1 for vlans through 1 to 100, vswitch2
101 to 200.....etc.

I probed using api commands:

-          command=createPhysicalNetwork&zoneid=a0e08e34-e104-441c-bd9b-d6260b2f5dea&name=vSwitch1&broadcastdomainrange=Zone&isolationmethods=VLAN&tags=guestv
(new physica network on the same zone)

-          command=addTrafficType&physicalnetworkid=566ebb46-d85d-4e26-8b44-455d3fcea76e&trafficType=Guest
(traffic for guest)

-          Next, I create the network offering with the same tag:

o   networkoffering><id>bc7c801e-bce3-4f82-8323-4ba662db053d</id><name>OfferingV1</name><displaytext>OfferingV1</displaytext><tags>guestv1</tags><traffictype>Guest</traffictype><isdefault>false</isdefault><specifyvlan>false</specifyvlan><conservemode>true</conservemode><specifyipranges>false</specifyipranges><availability>Optional</availability><networkrate>200</networkrate><state>Enabled</state><guestiptype>Isolated</guestiptype><serviceofferingid>10f907e3-3f17-40ea-aa43-b05b3649baeb</serviceofferingid><service><name>Lb</name><provider><name>VirtualRouter</name></provider><capability><name>SupportedLBIsolation</name><value>dedicated</value><canchooseservicecapability>false</canchooseservicecapability></capability><capability><name>ElasticLb</name><value>false</value><canchooseservicecapability>false</canchooseservicecapability></capability></service><service><name>StaticNat</name><provider><name>VirtualRouter</name></provider><capability><name>ElasticIp</name><value>false</value><canchooseservicecapability>false</canchooseservicecapability></capability></service><service><name>Dhcp</name><provider><name>VirtualRouter</name></provider></service><service><name>Firewall</name><provider><name>VirtualRouter</name></provider></service><service><name>PortForwarding</name><provider><name>VirtualRouter</name></provider></service><service><name>Dns</name><provider><name>VirtualRouter</name></provider></service></networkoffering></listnetworkofferingsresponse>

-          Last step, I try to create a guest network, but I can´t select any offering, the
box is empty.

-          I try to create using this api command, but no luck:

o   command=createNetwork&displaytext=guestv1&name=guestv1&networkofferingid=bc7c801e-bce3-4f82-8323-4ba662db053d&zoneid=a0e08e34-e104-441c-bd9b-d6260b2f5dea&startip=

o   Error response: Network offering [Network Offering [14-Guest-OfferingV1] doesn't support
adding multiple ip ranges

Thanks and regards

Marcos Ortiz


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