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From Alex Huang <>
Subject RE: Changes to wiki top page....
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2012 11:24:10 GMT
> Alex,
> One thing I would like us to change is the contents of the
> "Contributed By" column.  We're individuals here, and organizations
> don't have any standing.  So for example, instead of Contributed By:
> Citrix for a particular feature I'd like it to either be the specific
> people involved OR be removed in favor of the Jira record being the
> place for assignments.
> Does that sound fair?

That's really what I intended that column for.  In 4.0, it was difficult to do because by
the time the page was started most features were checked in so for expedience, I just put
in the company it came from.  

I actually would like to completely get rid of that table and replace it with a link to a
public filter on Jira.  (note the line on 4.1 release page that says " 4.1 Feature List from
Jira.  Please someone add a filter add the link here. ")  The filter should be on the release=[release
number] and issue type = new features.  Then that would make it much more dynamic and people
will see the actual contributors and status as contributors update the issue and tasks list.
 The problem is that I don't have permission to make a public filter on Jira.  Do you have
that permission?

I intended the release pages to be a somewhat static landing page where people can start from
to find out more about a release and the current status of the release.  So, aside from updates
on the status of the release from the release manager, most of the information in there should
be just links.  I kept the current table in 4.1 release page for now so people can verify
the current list of specs have been moved to the design page.

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