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From CSG - Ashley Lester <>
Subject RE: CloudStack 4.1 installation failed
Date Sun, 30 Jun 2013 05:30:14 GMT
Try running this 

cloudstack-setup-management on the CS management server. I had a issue that the web page was
not available

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From: Froyo Yao [] 
Sent: June-30-13 3:34 AM
Subject: RE: CloudStack 4.1 installation failed

Hi David,

The Catalina log grows up to 350K, it was so big. By the way, when the problem happen, the
tomcat service isn't started.
And I found some similar problem, but can tell what happened.
Here is the setupmanagement.log

I'll try go through the Catalina log.


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From: David Nalley []
Sent: Sunday, June 30, 2013 12:42 AM
Subject: Re: CloudStack 4.1 installation failed

What's in /var/log/cloudstack/management/catalina.out?


On Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 10:44 AM, Froyo Yao <> wrote:
> Hi Gurus,
> I'm a new guy for CS, and I have successfully installed CloudStack long time ago.
> Recently I follow the latest 4.1.0 installation guide, nothing error, but can't see the
management UI at last.
> nstallation_Guide/management-server-install-flow.html
> So I'm not sure, if I missing something or the guide missing something, please help me
> Centos 6.3 64 bit.
> XS 6.1
> My Steps:
> 1. Minimum installed centos 6.3 64bit.
> 2. Setup the RPM package repository, and the 4.1.0 installation guide is point to,
is this correct? Or should be 4.1?
> 3. Verify hostname --fqdn
> 4. ping
> 5. yum install ntp
> 6. yum install cloud-client
> 7. download vhd-util. if I point the RPM package repository to 4.1, 
> the I can't find the path 
> /usr/lib64/cloud/common/scripts/vm/hypervisor/xenserver
> 8. yum install mysql-server and follow the guide to modify the 
> /etc/my.conf 9. service mysqld start 10. run mysql_secure_installation 
> to set the dataase root password.
> 11. set the selinux to permissive mode.
> 12. cloudstack-setup-databases cloud:<dbpassword>@localhost --deploy-as=root:<password>
and the optional params are left blank to use the default setting. And I see successful result.
> 13. cloudstack-setup-management, and see the setup is done successfully.
> 14. follow the guide to setup the NFS share, and using XS to confirm the setup is correct.
I use the management server as the NFS server.
> 15. confirm the iptables setting is correct for NFS.
> 16. setup rpcbind and nfs service auto start  when server boot.
> 17. deploy the System VM template.
> 18. try log in to the UI at http://my_management_server_ip:8080/client
> I can't see any page. And after check the service, I find tomcat haven't start yet, if
I manually start it, still can't see the UI.
> So I guess may be the official installation guide miss some important part?
> Thanks,
> Froyo

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