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From Bryan Manske <>
Subject Public IPs on Guest VMs within CloudStack 4.2.0
Date Thu, 17 Oct 2013 19:49:45 GMT

Now I'm curious about public IPs on Guest VMs within CloudStack 4.2.0.

I have one IPv4 /27 for Public IPs and that's working fine.  Now what
I want to do is assign a live IP address from another /27 to a Guest VM,
which appears to work but can't actually touch the default gateway.

So here's the rub: The default gateway is actually provided as a virtual
IP on two VRRP nodes (for A/B redundancy) by my upstream provider.  I can
ping the two VRRP routers, I can see the VM has the proper IP address,
netmask, and default gateway; and I can configure the VM with a proper
IP config which never finds the default gateway IP.  The arp cache sees
the local MAC address and incomplete for the gateway.

So now I'm thinking; according to cloudstack, is the default gateway plumbed
on a virtual router?  If so, how does THAT route out to the world?

I also have a /64 of IPv6 space, /96 of which I have configured in a network
offering which has the same upstream infrastructure situation.  Same lack of
functionality there.

So how do I configure my Guest real IP netblocks?  Is it okay to be looking
for a default gateway IP on a my provider's core router or do I need to have
them statically route that netblock to something like the cloudstack
management host?

Of course I could also have the network offering wrong or incomplete.

Any thoughts or pointers to documentation would be appreciated.

I can tell I'm making progress because I keep dealing with progressively
higher level errors. :)


Bryan Manske

"Earnest falsehoods left unchallenged risk being accepted as fact."
 -- Monty "xiphmont" Montgomery - Xiph Foundation, on the Ogg format

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