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From Luca Salvatore <>
Subject Re: Network offering for GRE
Date Fri, 04 Oct 2013 05:00:45 GMT
What I mean is that, the GRE tunnel is build between the XenServers OVS.
The XenSevers would need public IPs between them for connectivity over the
L3 network.  This is normal for GRE end points.

However the VMs inside the XenServer don't know anything about the GRE.
For it to be proper layer 2 over layer 3 the VMs in each zone would need
to be on the same subnet.  That way they can ARP for a VM in a different
zone and traffic would use the GRE tunnel.

On 4/10/13 2:09 PM, "Nguyen Anh Tu" <> wrote:

>2013/10/4 Luca Salvatore <>
>> So are you saying in version 4.1 it is currently not working?  WHat
>> version are the patches available in?
>> Yes, I'm working on sdnextensions branch, which are not merged to any
>release branch.
>> Any thoughts on how it will work between zones?  E.g. Layer 2 over
>>layer 3?
>> Should we assign the same Subnets to each zone?
>Not sure if I understand your question correctly. Between zones it still
>works I think, because GRE uses publicIP when create tunnels. Of course
>zones must have the same hypervisor, and hosts must reach each other.

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