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From Amogh Vasekar <>
Subject Re: Cannot access any consoles, View console time out (Instances, CPVM, SSVM)
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2014 02:31:27 GMT


On 7/22/14 6:52 PM, "ė–‘ėšŠė„" <> wrote:

>Hi, I am running CloudStack 4.3.0 on CentOS 6.5 minimal, and followed the
>Quick Installation guide (management server and host on the same machine).
>I think I have installed it without any issues, everything up and running,
>can create instances and so on.
>But one thing I cannot do is access any sort of consoles on the UI due to
>the all being timed out.
>I have tried stop/destroy/recreate/reboot/complete reinstall but still
>I also tried running ./, but it all results in "Good"
>(5 Goods, no ERRORs, WARNINGs)
>There aren't any errors/warning in the management-server.log after I click
>"View console".
>My concerns are the 'General Alerts' on the Dashboard and some line in the
>log file which are :
> - Management network CIDR is not configured originally. Set it default to
> -> This was present from the beginning of the installation.
>Looked in the Global Settings, where it already
> I actually don't exactly understand what this means
> - Console proxy rebooted in zone: Zone1, proxy: v-1-VM, public IP:
>, private IP: : This may be a clue? Also don't
>understand this message either.
> - 2014-07-23 09:56:18,997 WARN  [c.c.u.n.Link]
>(AgentManager-Selector:null) SSL: Fail to find the generated keystore.
>Loading fail-safe one to continue. : This sometimes comes up when I 'egrep
>ERROR|WARN' the management-server.log over time,
>The PC I'm running on is on a router using with a gateway of
>The management IP ranges are ~
>The guest IP ranges are ~
>If you have any ideas help me out please.
>I am not very skilled in networking or linux systems, so it would be a
>great help if you could explain some concrete procedures.
>Thank you all in advance!

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