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From Nitin Mehta <>
Subject Re: download template -> delete vhd
Date Wed, 23 Jul 2014 23:06:07 GMT
Tomas - Its not the same, there have been fixes made in ACS master/4.4.
But as Min pointed out in current ACS it works fine and deletes only the
To work around the situation in 4.2.1 you can try setting
extract.url.expiration.interval (the value is in seconds ) in global
settings to a large value (say 14400000 -- 4000 hrs ) so that the download
url never expire and do not delete the template.
Hope it helps. 


On 23/07/14 10:48 AM, "Min Chen" <> wrote:

>In current ACS master, Template is not deleted from secondary storage when
>extractTemplate is called, just its symlink is deleted.
>On 7/23/14 4:15 AM, "Tomasz Zięba" <> wrote:
>>Could someone confirm that download template deletes the vhd file from
>>secondary storage.
>>We are testing on the ACS version 4.2.1 but the code responsible for
>>removing is the same in version 4.4
>>funkcja: handleDeleteEntityDownloadURLCommand
>>Tomasz Zięba
>>Twitter: @TZieba

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