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From Nux! <>
Subject Re: Hardware question
Date Mon, 02 Mar 2015 17:32:29 GMT
Hi Mads,

Imo, if you want that flexibility you should go with non-local storage. CEPH is a popular
choice here, but you will need 10 Gbps between hypervisors and storage servers if you want
reasonable performance.
So, if you need more storage just add more CEPH servers. Need more compute, add more hypervisors.


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> From: "Mads Nordholm" <>
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> Sent: Monday, 2 March, 2015 17:19:40
> Subject: Hardware question

> I am planning a small Cloudstack setup (using KVM for virtualisation) that
> will allow me to run roughly 100 VPSs with these average requirements:
> - 1 core
> - 512 MB RAM
> - 20 GB SSD
> I am interested in input regarding a hardware configuration that will
> support this, and how to best build a small setup that will scale easily as
> I grow. Within a year or so, I expect to have more than 1,000 guest running.
> I basically need a setup that will not completely break the bank as I start
> out, but also one that will scale well as I grow. I am particularly
> concerned with being able to add only the resources I need. If I need more
> storage, I want to be able to add only that (preferably just by adding
> disks to a RAID array), and if I need more computing power, I want to be
> able to add only that.
> Any input greatly appreciated.
> --
> Mads Nordholm

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