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From Daniel Kollmer <>
Subject Re: Secondary Storage VM & Console Proxy creation failure
Date Fri, 06 Mar 2015 11:48:17 GMT
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Hello and thank you for your replies.

Allow me to address them individually.

On 03/06/2015 10:34 AM, Partha Goswami wrote:
> just keep basic default networking and try i had same issue solved
> that way

Hello Partha

May I ask you to elaborate what you mean by that. Which kind of
default networking I would have to use?

On 03/06/2015 10:50 AM, Timothy Lothering wrote:

> I suggest you have a look further in the logs, the " 
> InsufficientServerCapacityException" usually indicates that the 
> server you are trying to provision to does not meet your templates 
> requirements. There are 2 parts to this and I will explain by way
> of an example:
> You have a 2 Socket, 16 Core Server with 64GB RAM, the server
> cores are rated at 2.0GHz, if you have a template which has been
> defined
as > 2.0GHz, theoretically, this should work, but if you look at what the
> Host system says is available (i.e. 1999MHz), the server will be 
> deemed as having insufficient capacity.
> With this said, have you modified the default service offering for
> your Console Proxy and/or Secondary storage? Also, I suggest you 
> look to see if the Host is in maintenance Mode. Logs will be your 
> best bet

Hi Timothy

Everything is "out-of-the-box" and unmodified. The hypervisor host is
up and in the agent logs there is nothing that indicates any warnings.
At this time I only have the default "small" and "medium" service
offerings which are way below system specs albeit the CPU frequency is
indeed not the same as what the system offers (it is lower) should it
be the same?

On 03/06/2015 11:48 AM, Gopalakrishnan S wrote:

> Your server have enough capacity but cloudstack server error
> indicates that your cluster and pod load as null value.  My
> suggestion is you should recheck your management traffic ip
> configuration. Is that ips are communicate properly ?
> Please make sure your management traffic ip cofiguration in
> cloudstack zone ->pod settings.

Hello Gopalakrishnan

Do you mean I should make sure the hypervisor host can communicate
with the management server and vice versa? That is definitely the
case, otherwise I would not be able to see the host in my
infrastructure overview, right?

They are on different subnets though which also have different VLANS,
is there something I need to set there?

Kind regards and thanks for your feedback everyone.

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