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From Jeremy Peterson <>
Subject Re: VPC VPN Connectivity Issues
Date Tue, 01 Sep 2015 19:18:54 GMT
So I have yet to see anyone respond to this.

I will be looking more into it tomorrow but if anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

Basically since the VPC network CIDR is while the VPN network is
 I am having issues with using a split tunnel setup connecting to servers that are on the network and then also connecting to a Site2Site IPSec tunnel network

So I change it to a Full Tunnel and then they cannot route pass the VPC Gateway but
then can ping 192.168.2.X servers and they can ping 192.168.71.X clients.

From: Jeremy Peterson <>
Sent: Saturday, August 29, 2015 8:43 PM
Subject: RE: VPC VPN Connectivity Issues

I have set firewall rules to allow And Still no Internet without
split tunneling over vpn.


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From: Jeremy Peterson <>
Date: 8/29/2015 10:00 AM (GMT-06:00)
Subject: VPC VPN Connectivity Issues

I am not sure if this was asked or answered but googling has led me no where.

I am running cloudstack 4.5.0,  XenServer 6.5, Advanced networking w/ VLAN segmentation.

I have a VPC setup which i am using a IPSec tunnel back to a zywall firewall and a monowall

Monowall                    Cloustack VPC            zywall  

Tunnels are setup in vpc for both locations and servers in cloudstack can connect to the world
and connect to the monowall and zywall networks.

Everything is fine with that but when I have a remote user that needs to VPN into the cloudstack
VPC is where i am thrown into a whirlwind of questions.

I setup a VPN connection on the VR for the VPC.

I setup username/password.

The user sets up the connection on his Mac OSX and using split tunnel can connect to the VPN.

My VPN network is

He receives a ip address.

He is unable to ping the IPSec Tunnel gateways and

He can get to the world as his default gateway is his router.

I switched to push all traffic over the VPN to remove the split tunnel.

He is able to ping the gateway on the VR

He is able to ping his gateway the VPC router

He is able to ping the VPC network's gateway

He is unable to get to the world.  I try to ping google dns and it doesnt' get past
the VR in traceroutes.

I am looking for help on this as i'm confused.  If I change him back to a split tunnel as
that would be prefered why is the tunnel not annoucing all networks know to the VR.

I was able to recreate this issue on windows 8.1.


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