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From Vadim Kimlaychuk <>
Subject Re: Recurring snapshots are not auto cleaned
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2015 08:31:06 GMT

  Open bug at



  On 2015-10-12 00:53, Andrei Mikhailovsky wrote:

> Hi guys,
> was wondering if you've seen the same behaviour as I am currently 
> experiencing? I've set a recurring volume snapshot to take place every 
> night and set it to keep 7 snapshots. The snapshots are being taken, 
> but ACS does not remove them. So far, i've got around 17 snapshots 
> since the beginning of this schedule. I've tried to manually remove the 
> old snaps to free up some space and that worked. So no issues with the 
> actual delete function.
> I also have several volumes with a weekly recurring snapshot and the 
> removal of the old snapshots work perfectly well. The problem seems to 
> be with daily snapshots.
> Any idea how to fix this? I am running ACS 4.5.1 with KVM hosts and rbd 
> storage + nfs for secondary.
> Cheers
> Andrei

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