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From Makrand <>
Subject Re: Primary storage calculation
Date Tue, 09 Aug 2016 18:32:00 GMT
I've learned few facts about XENserver in last couple of days.

e.g. On XENserver, when you take snapshot, XENserver will create a 2 VDI
(Base VDI+place holder for snapshot) file on same primary storage (SR in
XENserver terms) as disk is. You will offcouse have a vhd file saved on
seconday storage. Here is funny part, when you delete snapshot from
cloudstack, XENserver won't do anything to remove these additionally crated

Plus XENserver will copy and crate template for VR on each individual host
on its SR. this space is not visible in cloud stack.

Check things from SR level on XENcenter. You can delete any template
entries etc.(BE CAREFUL)

Also try digging in with command line

1) xe vdi-list sr-name-label=<LUNNAME>

this will give you all VDIs present on that storage (give attention to
is-snapshot=true ones)

2) lvs

this will give you summary of all the LVs on the SRs. Note the last marked
in this example (Attr=-ri---) is snapshot.

  LV                                              VG
                          Attr   LSize    Origin Snap%  Move Log Copy%
VG_XenStorage-27c5343c-422a-1ee9-0df5-50a15c7f2437 -wi-a-    4.00M
 VG_XenStorage-27c5343c-422a-1ee9-0df5-50a15c7f2437 -wi---    3.34G
 VG_XenStorage-27c5343c-422a-1ee9-0df5-50a15c7f2437 -ri---    2.70G
 VG_XenStorage-27c5343c-422a-1ee9-0df5-50a15c7f2437 -wi---    8.00M
 VG_XenStorage-27c5343c-422a-1ee9-0df5-50a15c7f2437 -wi---    8.00M
 VG_XenStorage-27c5343c-422a-1ee9-0df5-50a15c7f2437 -wi---  250.50G
 VG_XenStorage-27c5343c-422a-1ee9-0df5-50a15c7f2437 -ri---    3.13G

I have cases where I've to remove some entries manually just to gain free
space. for me its ACS 4.4.2 and XENserver 6.2

Good luck with your troubleshooting


On Tue, Aug 9, 2016 at 11:38 PM, Mindaugas Milinavičius <> wrote:

> Hello,
> version of cloudstack 4.7.1
> Type: xenserver
> primary storage - scaleio with lvmohba (presetup).
> I think, it can be with expunge time, because it was set to 24h after
> expunge the VM.

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