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From Jānis Andersons |>
Subject slow firewall
Date Thu, 29 Sep 2016 11:07:35 GMT
I have total 20 firewall rules and 50 port forwarding rules for 12 VMs 
and it takes more than 60 seconds to add new rule.
If new IP is acquired adding new rule takes about 80 seconds even if 
there is no rules set for new IP.
If I try to add multiple rules it takes much more time for first rule 
and sometimes another rules fails.

Have tried to change service offering for router to 2 CPUs, 1GB ram but 
that doesn't help.

Cloudstack 4.8, Xenserver, Shared Storage
Virtual Router: Firewall, Vpn, Dhcp, SourceNat, PortForwarding, Lb, 
UserData, Dns.


J. Anderson

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