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From Yiping Zhang <>
Subject Re: Retiring OLD Primary Storage - Dealing with System VMs and (assumed) Snapshot related artifacts
Date Fri, 09 Jun 2017 16:58:23 GMT
Maybe off topic, but the subject of storage migration (both for primary and secondary storage
devices) comes up once every few months on this list.  I am really surprised that there is
still NO official documentation on how to do this properly, or an SOP for users to follow.
 I went through the same recently and I had to search old emails threads to come up with a
process doing it.

It’s about the time to produce some SOP for this process!

Just my $0.02.


On 6/9/17, 2:23 AM, "Daan Hoogland" <> wrote:

    H David,
    I am not licensed to give support on a vendors propriety product, so take all of this
with a gain of the appropriate crystal;
    Ad 1: you are right but migrating to another host should work as well.
    Ad 2: There is a table that tells you that a snapshot or image is on a certain primary
storage but you’ll need to track it there. Easiest is to see if the id of the primary storage
still occurs in snapshot_store_ref. This as example: ‘SELECT * FROM snapshot_store_ref WHERE
store_id = <your old store’s id>”. You might want to make sure all looks all right
in storage_pool, storage_pool_host_ref and storage_pool_work as well. And please keep in mind
I am looking at ACS 4.5 not CP even though the difference in this area should be at most trivial.
    On 06/06/2017, 19:10, "David Merrill" <> wrote:
        We're in the process of phasing out primary storage in one of our zones and had some
questions about dealing with: 
            1. system VMs (Console Proxy & Secondary Storage) 
            2. what looks like (to me), left over snapshot artifacts 
        We're running CloudPlatform 4.5.1 with XenServer hypervisors and the storage to be
retired are Dell Equallogic servers. 
        For the first item I think all I need to do is mark the primary storage on the Dell
EQL's into maintenance mode and then destroy them so that they'll come up on the new primary
storage (already provisioned & configured in CloudPlatform). 
        It's the second item that's giving me pause, when looking at the SR associated with
the primary storage I'm seeing disks named like: 
            * ABCServer_ROOT-685_20160905000250 
        and in CloudPlatform have found an associated volume snapshot with the same date data.
This seemed odd because I've understood that volume snapshots should be on secondary storage.

        I deleted the snapshot in CloudPlatform thinking that perhaps the disk above would
disappear from view when looking at the SR in XenCenter, but it's still there. The impression
I'm getting is that perhaps this is left over from some volume snapshot failure to clean up?

        How can I best chase this down? I'd like to retire this storage but I'd like to make
sure that once it's gone there isn't something in the database that's still referring items
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