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From <>
Subject Re: Modifying a service offering in the cloudstack DB
Date Fri, 21 Jul 2017 06:59:47 GMT
Hi Ivan,

thanks für die quick reply. 

Would you mind elaborating somewhat further on the potential implications. Can I avoid unfaire
resource provisioning by modifiying all existing service offerings equally, e.g. changing
the CPU Speed of all offering from 1999 to 1995 MHz?


> On 21. Jul 2017, at 03:37, Ivan Kudryavtsev <> wrote:
> Hi, you can actually do it thru DB, but it can lead to several
> implications, like unfare resource provisioning. The better way is just
> delete the offering, create the new with the same name and switch all VMs
> either automatically or asking users.
> Have a good day.
> 21 июл. 2017 г. 2:55 ДП пользователь <>
> написал:
> Dear all,
> as there is no means to modify an existing Cloudstack Service Offering
> neither  via Cloudstack API nor with the GUI, I’m wondering what would
> happen if the CPU speed of the service offerings is changed directly in the
> cloud DB (table service_offering). Does this have any impact on existing
> VMs? Would this be a valid way to modify an existing Service Offering?
> We did some very brief test and it seem to work fine, but before doing the
> change in our production environment I’d like to know if anyone else has
> done something similar?
> The reason why I’m trying to do this is as follows:
> In all our Service Offerings for user VMs we have set the CPU Speed to 1999
> Mhz. Unfortunately, the CPUs of our most recent hosts only provide 1995
> MHz, leading to the situation that no VM is deployed on these servers as
> the hosts do not have the proper cpu capability (speed 1995 is provided but
> 1999 is required).
> Cheers, Christian
> PS: We’re still on Cloudstack 4.5.1

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