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From "Morrow, Gary G II CIV DISA JT (USA)" <>
Subject Cloudstack troubleshooting help and general guidance
Date Tue, 29 Jan 2019 19:19:21 GMT
So I'm new to the user group, never chatted but been listening for a month or so. 

My work is trying to build a Cloudstack setup, on a DOD network (fully secured), and I'm trying
to do it with very little Linux experience.  We have a couple people I can go to with experience
that can help when I run into trouble and I'm been beefing up my skills for sure, but I was
hoping that someone could give me some help on what they do to troubleshoot when things go
wrong and some of the top issues with that do/can go wrong.  Also looking for good resources
going forward besides a lot of the ShapeBlue or Cloudstack documentation (I've been to those
sites and both are very good for basic setups)

I've looked at the Cloudstack troubleshooting guide and besides doing the grep command on
the management log it's not much help.  Some of the issues I'd like to discuss or have help
with are the:

File permissions		What needs to be set to the cloud user for it all to work
Web GUI	How to check if it's running, what to check when it's not working at all.
Management log grep commands that actually help
Kinds of logging most people have on/off, do we need debug/info etc 
Size of the "secondary storage" for a production environment with say max 100 VMs/Instances
Securing the infrastructure - Linux, sql, etc with STIGs	Anyone done this?
Maintenance mode - Should we put a host in maintenance mode anytime we want to do work on
it or reboot it? I've seen issues where the host never comes back into the fold if we just
reboot it.

Any other kind of common issue that may occur setting this up and how to fix it.  Right now
when our test environment when something messes up the environment the normal procedure if
start/stop management server or rebooting doesn't fix the issue is to wipe and reload.  

Also, I know ShapeBlue offers formal training, but is based in the UK, anywhere else offering
formal type training based I the US or is that the only option for some actual training over
youtube videos of people reading the initial setup.  I've currently been able to get the management
server up and running, with the basic networking, and have 4 different hosts added using NFS
storage on each for the primary and the secondary storage being the management server's internal
storage.   Our final environment is going to be something similar with 6-8 Dell servers (good
ones) so I'm not sure if this is the best setup or not using them all like a HCI like environment
where everything is all in one.  

Appreciate any help and support.

Gary Morrow

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