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From Rafael Weingärtner <>
Subject Re: Why CloudStack 5
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2019 23:57:55 GMT
Hello Ivan,
Can you provide reasons why not move to a version 5?

To help you, I will provide why I think we should move to 5.0.0 after 4.12.
Therefore, I would expect this 5.0.0 to be an LTS version as well.

   1. To begin with, technically, we should already be in version 5 if we
   had been following the semantic versioning we say we follow. We broke
   compatibility when Midonet plugin was removed in 4.10, and later, also,
   when public APIs from the IAM projects were removed. You can discuss if
   those features were broken or not, and if they count as a backward
   incompatibility. All in all, it is a removal of public APIs;
   2. We want to remove the basic network, and with this move, we can
   delete a load of complications and replicated code, which causes more
   burden than anything else;
   3. There are also some other small details in some PRs, where these
   issues with backward compatibility are holding our code and structure
   improvements. Therefore, a CloudStack 5.0.0 would free us from these
   anchors that we keep dragging around;
   4. A new database upgrade scheme…. I do not even need to get into this
   topic; all DEVs here know what I am talking about;
   5. A proper JPA implementation, a real restful API, adopt a standard
   rest framework, and other base technological improvements would be awesome,
   but I would say that they are far from here now. And they will be always
   distant if we keep holding ourselves back.

All in all, to conclude; it is not about the version number and marketing.
At least for me, I could care less about the number. This is about the
community being able to adopt new trends, new technology, new methods, and
understanding that to move on, we need to let somethings go.

On Tue, Jan 22, 2019 at 1:45 AM Ivan Kudryavtsev <>

> I decided whether to write it several weeks thinking about the stones and
> rotten potatoes, but still decided to do that. Hope it will not raise the
> stress level.
> Colleagues and ACS leaders, I would like to initiate the discussion. Why go
> to CS5 rather than stay with 4.XX. Some thoughts are:
> 1. According to the versioning guide, the first number stands for radical
> changes like if the community decided to go from current ORM to Hibernate.
> I don't see the capabilities for such changes and there are no intentions
> for the implementation.
> 2. I can realize that we 'stuck' with '4.XX' and the marketing can be
> disappointing from that point of view. Then, OK, let's just skip the first
> number "4." and release, ACS 13.X, 14.X, 15.X and so on. Every version will
> receive new impressing version number and everyone could be happy about
> that.
> Going to version "5" currently looks like as an intention to refresh but
> with very poor motivation. At least to me.
> The discussion is strongly welcome.
> --
> With best regards, Ivan Kudryavtsev
> Bitworks LLC
> Cell RU: +7-923-414-1515
> Cell USA: +1-201-257-1512
> WWW: <>

Rafael Weingärtner

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