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From Andrija Panic <>
Subject RE: Reassigning same public IP
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2019 09:20:03 GMT

you can either try adding multiple Public IPs (not the most elegant solution, but sometimes
work), until you eventually add the old IP you want, then remove all other public IPs.

Or you can just edit the table "user_ip_address" - here, I suggest to add one additional IP
address, and check what different fields were updated in the table for that specific row/IP
address - then replicate same  field changes for the old public IP address you want (later
release the unneeded public IP).

Amadeus House, Floral Street, London  WC2E 9DPUK

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From: Makrand <> 
Sent: 28 January 2019 08:52
Subject: Reassigning same public IP

Hello there,

Is there any way I can reassign accidentally released public IP to VM (Static NAT)

If I have to edit DB - what tables - rows should I be updating?

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