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From "Jochim, Ingo" <>
Subject RE: Ceph Snapshot Backups
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2019 06:51:34 GMT
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{\*\bkmkstart BM_BEGIN}\pard\plain\f0{\fs20 Hello community,\line
is there anyone out there using CloudStack in combination with Ceph?\line
What are your experiences or use cases with snapshot's?\line
Your feedback is appreciate.\line
-----Original Message-----\line
From: Stock, Alexander <> \line
Sent: Dienstag, 2. April 2019 11:08\line
Subject: Ceph Snapshot Backups\line
Hi Everyone,\line
some time ago we evaluated the snapshot features from Cloudstack for the combination Ceph
+ KVM + Cloudstack and found some space for improvements.\line
Our goal is to provide snapshot backup for our customers which is easy to handle over the
Cloudstack API and provides incremental/differential features.\line
We recognised that Cloudstack uses qemu-convert to extract the data from the raw device.\line
This means that every time a backup gets triggered 100 % of the used data gets transferred
to the secondary storage and not just the delta.\line
For big volumes (500GB to TB volumes) which are highly used, the backup process can last very
long and uses much space on the secondary side.\line
>From our side it would be nice to have a differential and/or incremental backup feature
for our Ceph volumes.\line
So we took a look around and found this as a possible solution:
This is a python tool which can do differential backups from Ceph snapshots and store them
on a filesystem or in an S3 Storage.\line
Sadly there is no REST API for this tool which makes the management of it a little bit inconvenient.\line
We were wondering if this tool, some parts of its functionality or the main approach of it
could be integrated into Cloudstack to improve the snapshot functionality.\line
I checked the Github issues and did not find any similar tickets for that.\line
So maybe here are more people who needs this functionality or have already some solutions
for this.\line

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