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From "Riepl, Gregor (SWISS TXT)" <>
Subject Re: Network metrics
Date Mon, 08 Apr 2019 12:50:01 GMT

> This include stats from virtual router as well since libvirt exporter
> use virsh libraries to fetch details. For libvirt, virual router is
> just another VM and so it will exporter those stats also.
> Run virsh list and you will see virual router entry and using
> dommemstats or other commands you can see other detaila

Problem #1: We're using ESX, not KVM.

Problem #2: The network is fully virtualised (i.e. with hardware
emulation) and it's not possible to gather anything beyond what happens
on layer 1 or 2.

What we'd like to know is realtime stats about the number of NAT/TCP
sessions (i.e. conntrack status), CPU load, memory/swap usage, network
and I/O bandwidth, and possibly some process metrics.

CPU, memory and I/O metrics are exposed by the CloudStack API for
instances, but not for networks or virtual routers.
Monitoring via ESX is possible, but tedious and you don't get anything
from inside the VM either.

To achieve this goal, we used to install a bunch of monitoring daemons
inside each VR and poll these from a monitoring node with direct access
to the routers. If we could replace this somewhat hackish setup with
something offered by CloudStack, that would be very helpful.
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