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From Eric Lee Green <>
Subject Re: Upgrade to Cloudstack 4.11.2 fails *AGAIN*
Date Wed, 22 May 2019 06:48:05 GMT

On 5/21/2019 11:14 PM, Rene Moser wrote:
> Just a suspicion: have you checked, the system VMs actually have
> allocated 512 MB RAM? I remember the systemvm templates had the setting
> to only use 256 MB RAM in previous versions which is too low. IMHO this
> setting must be adjusted manually in the database before the upgrade
> (you can do it while running cloudstack 4.9)

Hmm... during the process of when it was trying to start up the virtual 
router, I see this:

 > Trying to allocate a host and storage pools from dc:1, 
pod:null,cluster:null, requested cpu: 4000, requested ram: 4294967296

That is not 512 MB of RAM, that is 400MB of ram, but that is still 
enough to fire up the VM and the VM did in fact start up. It just didn't 
do anything once it started up, it was as if cloud-init was not getting 
any input telling it what to do (that big JSON blob that I see flowing 
from the management server to the agent to feed to the instance).

> I would appreciate if one of the list could assist to check and change
> if necessary.
> Regards
> René
> On 5/22/19 2:51 AM, Eric Lee Green wrote:
>> You may remember me as the person who had to roll back to Cloudstack
>> 4.9.x because Cloudstack 4.11.1 wouldn't start any virtual machines once
>> I upgraded to it, claiming that there were inadequate resources even
>> though I had over 150 gigabytes of memory free in my cluster and oodles
>> of CPU free (and a minimum of 40gb on each node, plenty to start a 512mb
>> router VM). So now I'm trying to upgrade to Cloudstack 4.11.2 and
>> *again* it's misbehaving.
>> The symptom is that my virtual routers when I log into their console
>> show 4.11.2 but when I look at them in the console they say 'Version:
>> UNKNOWN'. Also when I try to ssh into their guest IP address or link
>> local IP address it fails. And when I try to start up a virtual machine
>> that uses that virtual network, it says "Network unavailable', even
>> though the router for that network is showing up and running.
>> Clearly something's broken in the virtual routers but I don't know what
>> because I can't get into the router virtual machines. How do I get the
>> console password to get into the router virtual machines? It's encrypted
>> in the database (duh), how do I decrypt it?

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