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From Giles Sirett <>
Subject RE: Ansible 2.8: CloudStack related changes
Date Thu, 16 May 2019 09:01:32 GMT
Sorry to hear that Rene - thanks for your massive contributions over the years and good luck
for the future

Kind regards
Amadeus House, Floral Street, London  WC2E 9DPUK

-----Original Message-----
From: Rene Moser <> 
Sent: 16 May 2019 13:12
To:; dev <>
Subject: Ansible 2.8: CloudStack related changes

Hi all

As announced previously in autumn 2018, I am ending my active maintenance for the CloudStack
Ansible integration with the 2.8 release.

It started as PoC during a weekend at a Swiss Linux hackers event "Turrican Days" in autumn
2014 and turned into "thing" I have spent many nights with. Take care of it.

The modules are in best conditions: Cloudstack is one of a few Ansible integrations without
any failing sanity checks. Special thanks goes to David Passante who brought all the docs
in shape!

We have automated integration tests based on a simulator docker setup [1] currently running
Cloudstack 4.11.2. The integration test code coverage [2] is at >85%.

There are currently (only) 2 more members in the CloudStack team [3] in Ansible.

Thanks again for all the support and appreciation I have received over the years.

Ansible v2.8.0 is going to be released with the following, CloudStack related changes, thanks
for all the contributors:

David Passante (18):
      Cloudstack: fix support for some VPC service capabilities (#45727)
      cs_account: Implement role parameter support (#46166)
      cs_account: add ability to bind accounts to LDAP (#46219)
      Cloudstack: New module cs_vlan_ip_range (#51597)
      cloudstack: streamline modules doc (#52509)
      cloudstack: streamline modules doc (part 2) (#52730)
      cloudstack: streamline modules doc (part 3) (#53412)
      cs_iso: fix missing param "is_public" (#53740)
      cs_network_offering: Add choice list for supported_services in arg_spec (#53901)
      cloudstack: streamline modules doc (part 4) (#53874)
      cs_volume: add volumes extraction and upload features (#54111)
      cs_instance_facts: add a "nic" fact to return VM networking information (#54337)
      cs_service_offering: update params in arg spec and documentation
      cs_network_offering: add a for_vpc parameter (#54551)
      cloudstack: streamline modules doc (part 5) (#54523)
      cs_service_offering: Implement customizable compute offers (#54597)
      cloudstack: streamline modules doc (part 6) (#54641)
      cs_vlan_ip_range: Update return values documentation (#54677)

Gregor Riepl (1):
      Cloudstack: Add password reset module (#47931)

Patryk D. Cichy (5):
      Add new Cloudstack module cs_image_store (#53617)
      Add new CloudStack module cs_physical_network (#54098)
      Add a new CloudStack module - cs_traffic_type (#54451)
      Enable adding VLAN IP ranges for Physical Networks (#54576)
      Proper handling of lower case name for InternalLbVm Service Provider (#55087)

Rene Moser (13):
      cs_loadbalancer_rule_member: fix error handling (#46012)
      cs_instance: fix host migration without volume (#46115)
      cs_instance: doc: fix typo in examples (#46035)
      cs_staticnat: fix sanity (#46037)
      cs_ip_address: use query_api, fixes error handling (#46034)
      cs_resourcelimit: use query_api for error handling (#46036)
      cs_ip_address: fix vpc and network mutually exclusive (#47846)
      cs_network_acl_rule: fix doc and sanity (#47835)
      cs_template: fix KeyError on state=extracted (#48675)
      cs_instance: fix typos in defaults for ip/ip6_ipaddress (#49064)
      cs_physical_network: use name as param for network (#54602)
      cloudstack: fix E326 (#54657)

This will be my last announcement and I most probably leaving the cloudstack mailing lists
in the next couple of days.

Best wishes

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