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From Eric Lee Green <>
Subject Upgrade to Cloudstack 4.11.2 fails *AGAIN*
Date Wed, 22 May 2019 00:51:16 GMT
You may remember me as the person who had to roll back to Cloudstack 
4.9.x because Cloudstack 4.11.1 wouldn't start any virtual machines once 
I upgraded to it, claiming that there were inadequate resources even 
though I had over 150 gigabytes of memory free in my cluster and oodles 
of CPU free (and a minimum of 40gb on each node, plenty to start a 512mb 
router VM). So now I'm trying to upgrade to Cloudstack 4.11.2 and 
*again* it's misbehaving.

The symptom is that my virtual routers when I log into their console 
show 4.11.2 but when I look at them in the console they say 'Version: 
UNKNOWN'. Also when I try to ssh into their guest IP address or link 
local IP address it fails. And when I try to start up a virtual machine 
that uses that virtual network, it says "Network unavailable', even 
though the router for that network is showing up and running.

Clearly something's broken in the virtual routers but I don't know what 
because I can't get into the router virtual machines. How do I get the 
console password to get into the router virtual machines? It's encrypted 
in the database (duh), how do I decrypt it?

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