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From Fariborz Navidan <>
Subject Re: Enabling promiscuous mode and forged transmits
Date Fri, 29 Nov 2019 21:45:58 GMT
I just ran "virsh nwfilter-list" following table shows multicast and mac
and arp spoofing is not allowed. I guess this is why each IP is constrained
with it's vnet MAC address and does not allow floating IP addresses.

[root@fr-kvm1 ~]# virsh nwfilter-list
 UUID                                  Name
 906f8af9-317a-47be-8568-83d83fda3187  allow-arp
 6a3bee5a-272c-4f9c-ba89-7661529740a2  allow-dhcp
 74efaf38-e4ce-4550-a79f-b9df5eec74bf  allow-dhcp-server
 011fc636-4f6c-48cc-a4dd-efe962c9cc8e  allow-incoming-ipv4
 30ca1846-10ae-4e1e-bf55-a54371d69d8b  allow-ipv4
 529466c5-0a94-4908-a0b2-c13c3b3bbc82  clean-traffic
 7a5c405e-3b9c-4ac7-a330-67a18a1a4701  clean-traffic-gateway
 c7e311be-715b-4d77-9b31-f1f4504abb1f  no-arp-ip-spoofing
 c6a902a9-b9fa-45c1-9e04-1889f20f1d30  no-arp-mac-spoofing
 fce5536f-a2d2-4360-a2c9-b697b4cc2054  no-arp-spoofing
 ced96d59-f7d5-4393-853d-9b11ed7afda8  no-ip-multicast
 d77ac888-14ff-485a-8093-7be87a2ba46b  no-ip-spoofing
 a1f14101-78c3-4fad-ba1e-f54e30ba48ae  no-mac-broadcast
 37b3dfcf-de29-48ad-8826-1e3621c728a3  no-mac-spoofing
 c16752f2-8f0c-401f-9275-f5e6d5b9de01  no-other-l2-traffic
 3b44715b-b542-4aea-97c2-9dd6c5f2ea44  no-other-rarp-traffic
 c93e46c2-5a32-40b7-acd9-47872a01b312  qemu-announce-self
 a30e079a-fe7d-4efb-ae8e-d822f4135180  qemu-announce-self-rarp

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 3:18 PM Fariborz Navidan <>

> Any idea?
> On Tue, Nov 26, 2019 at 6:12 PM Fariborz Navidan <>
> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I want to be able to use a single secondary IP on two or more VMs but
>> secondary IPs only work on the VM it belongs to it. For this work, I guess
>> promiscuous mode and/or forged transmits should be enabled on the network.
>> For this I have modified the DB table network_offering_details and then
>> restarted the network but it still does not work.
>> When I reserve an IP on a VM and set it on the guest using command "ip
>> addr ad ...", it is reachable and works fine but if I delete the ip from
>> that guest and add it to another guest which secondary IP was not reserved
>> for, it is not reachable using this IP. It means looks like MAC addresses
>> are somehow bound to NIC MAC address.
>> I should notice tat I am running an advanced zone and shared network.and
>> security groups are enabled. Default egress policy is "Allow" and all
>> tcp/udp/icmp ingress traffic is allowed in the security groups.
>> But I am still not able to make a shared IP floating.
>> Please guide me through the right way.
>> Thanks

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