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From li jerry <>
Subject Re: OVS Plugin does not appear on the Network Service Providers screen
Date Sat, 06 Jun 2020 02:56:47 GMT
I remember that if you want to use GRE for network isolation, you should select GRE instead
of VLAN when creating the physical network of zone


发件人: Po Dragonwarrior<>
发送时间: 2020年6月5日 22:48
主题: Re: OVS Plugin does not appear on the Network Service Providers screen

Hi Jerry,

thank you for your answer.

I created the zone with VLAN on both cloudbr0 and cloudbr1 (I am following this guide
and the two KVM hosts are now working.

BUT I don’t see the GRE tunnel created in the openvswitch. To further check I created two
VM instances the first on host1 and the second on host2. The router is on host2 and the instance
on this host gets ip form the dhcp, but the vm instance on the host1 cannot communicate with
the router because it is on the host2 and no GRE tunnel exists between the hosts.

Should I create the tunnel manually?… Is this the nornal procedure? … if yes, should I
create a seperate bridge for this or use an existing bridge e.g. cloudbr1 (public) ?


> On 4 Jun 2020, at 14:58, li jerry <> wrote:
> Official documents are relatively backward, no updates
> 4.13.1 Please follow the steps below
> 1: Install openvswitch(build or yum)
> 2, change /etc/cloudstack/agent/, add
>     network.bridge.type=openvswitch
> When creating ZONE on the UI, please select VLAN isolation. Others are no different from
normal BRIDGE
> (Enable vendor ovs in the network as prompted in the documentation, please ignore)
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> 发件人: Po Dragonwarrior <>
> 发送时间: 2020年6月4日 19:42
> 收件人:
> 主题: OVS Plugin does not appear on the Network Service Providers screen
> Hello,
> I am trying ACS 4.13.1 and I installed Openvswitch too. Installation went smooth and
system VMs are up…  but OVS does not appear on the “Network Service Providers” screen
at the UI on the GRE physical network.
> Is there another way e.g. from the command line to check/enable it?… where should I
look for possible problems?
> If I try to create a network offering with OVS as the “Virtual Networking” option
then the creation of instance fails
> I would appreciate any help.
> best,
> Po

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