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From Mark Reitman <>
Subject Re: Component approach to web development using Cocoon
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2000 21:59:51 GMT
Berin Loritsch wrote:
> The search engine that would use XML hasn't been written _yet_,
> but the metadata are the tags.

W3C has an 'RDF' project which is supposed to address some of these

Yes, 'metadata are tags' but they are strictly speaking words open to
interpretation. It would be interesting to see if the RDF project can
attach values to words through definitions that could be changed let's
say by the site. 

For example, a news story about boat people would be tagged with
<immigration, illegal aliens, INS>

The data definition for the word "immigration" would be positive in a
sympathetic country like Haiti but negative in Florida. Maybe not as
negative in Alaska which has a positive attitude about such things.

Within a news organization by tags create a point of view. So, if the
managing editor changes from liberal to conservative they could change
the definitions. Separation of words and state (sorry, bad pun).

So this makes meta tags pure virtual classes and are defined (sub
classed) in the RDF. Other implications are filtered searches and
content personalization.

So is Cocoon going to address the RDF spec?


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