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From Russell Castagnaro <>
Subject Re: cocoon + application servers
Date Wed, 12 Jan 2000 04:20:36 GMT
I've got to agree with Steven here.   Cocoon is going to take the world by
freaking storm when people wake-up and realize that JSP's aren't the absolute
end all be all (March '00 I'd guess).

BTW- Did you make a custom EJB Processor or a Producer class to do your calls to
the EJB's or Home interfaces?

Steven Maring wrote:

> Well, you're really dealing with two completely different concepts, business
> logic and presentation.  I have used Cocoon and the Jonas OpenSource EJB
> Server together quite successfully.  I'm sure Weblogic is the same concept,
> you just pay a hell of a lot more for it. ;-)  I plugged my bean clients
> into Servlets, and had the Servlets call Cocoon to do the XSL processing on
> the XML I got from my EJB.  So your Servlets act as the EJB client and the
> presentation.  And if you need to merge XML you just put a reference to an
> external entity in the XML you got from the EJB.  This is much faster than
> loading the two DOMS and merging them together.
> I'm sure there are a few other methods for what you want as well.
> I am still disgustingly astounded at how incredibly fast Cocoon is.  Loading
> up a complete DOM and passing it to an XSL processor API in the traditional
> manner is REALLY slow.
> Many thanks to the ingenious developers. :-)
> Good luck.
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> From: Robert Cadena []
> Sent: Saturday, January 08, 2000 4:23 PM
> To: Cocoon Users
> Subject: cocoon + application servers
> hello,
> i was wondering if anybody could share their experiences on using cocoon and
> an application server like weblogic.  i'd appreciate your comments,
> thoughts, or opinions on how this could or has been done.
>         /r
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