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Subject RE: Is tools.jar redistributable?
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2000 14:25:59 GMT

>My concern is that we're using tools.jar at all.  It only gets installed
>with the JDK...not the JRE, and we're only allowed to distribute the JRE
>with our deliverables to clients.  As Cocoon grows, I'm sure it will start
>getting used more in commercial settings with solutions delivered to
>customers, but it would be nice to be able to package that all up in an
>install.  From what I can tell, we aren't allowed to redistribute
>because it's part of the JDK.  We can only redistribute the JRE.

I've not looked at all the cocoon code base yet, but I presume that
tools.jar is used to get access to the compiler.  The right solution is to
make this pluggable.  For example, Ant and Jasper (from Jakarta) both allow
the plug-in of jikes (an open source compiler from IBM).  Stefano tried to
start a discussion on the jakarta-tomcat mailing list about making this
code common - clearly the right long term approach.  At the moment,
however, I'm not sure any of us knows how to handle code which is common
across multiple Apache projects.

- Sam Ruby

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