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Subject RE: Cocoon producer config question
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2000 19:13:21 GMT


Seems like this is a common problem that is affecting a lot users. I am also
very keen to know how to fix it, as I only have this
working in test and I hate to think that it might appear again when I set up the
production machine :(

I have put together some example config files ( All filenames have been changed
to protect the innocent. I am only a vendor here so, appologies, I dare not send
the actual files with B/A data - you never know what is going to tick off the
auditors, and I want them to have a happy experience working with open source -
but I think you will find these contain everything you need).

These files contain all the changes I think are required to go from successfully
running the Dummy producer included with
Cocoon, and running your own custom producer. I hope this helps!

John Gray on 01/12/2000 08:22:14 PM

To:   John D. Gray@NYNEX
Subject:  RE: Cocoon producer config question

Hi John,

 I am also using with the same configuration, still I was unable to get it
working, can you please send me your properties files, so that I can verify
whether I am missing anything in my settings.

Naga on 01/12/2000 02:47:25 PM

cc:    (bcc: Naga Chakka/ec_company)
Subject:  RE: Cocoon producer config question

Hi Michael,
I remember now that I was unable to get custom producers working on NT4
until I
did the following (not sure if 1. is needed,
but I am pretty sure 2 & 3 are, so try them first... they are also a lot
1. Re-installed apache, Jserv, and cocoon to new directories so that no
spaces appeared in the path ( i.e. no longer
under "c:\program files"
2. Removed the wrapper.classpath= line for my jar from the
3. Added my jar to the repositories line in (also in the
\ApacheJServ\conf  directory ).
Here is how that line looks from my file. It is also worth
noting that you get the same error message
if any of the classes that *your* class needs are not listed in
(this is why mine has too much...).
John Gray

"Brevoort, Michael (FUSA)" <> on 01/12/2000
To:   "Brevoort, Michael (FUSA)" <>
cc: (bcc: John D. Gray)
Subject:  RE: Cocoon producer config question

Ok, so this looks like its some kind of bug, and I'm not just going crazy.
I'm running with:
NT (service pack 4)
Apache 1.3.9 win32
Jserv 1.1b3
Cocoon 1.5
jdk 1.2.2
Kuntal, what OS are you running.  I'm wondering if this may be isolated to
Anyone have any ideas?
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Sent: Tuesday, January 11, 2000 9:00 PM
To: Brevoort, Michael (FUSA)
Subject: Re: Cocoon producer config question

Hi Michael,
I have been stuck with the same problem. Its just that I am using JRun on
IIS istead of Jserv on Apache.
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