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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject RE: Announce: XML::EP
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 15:41:09 GMT
>Workflow management -- what do you mean with that? Inter-Cartridge
>Communication or what?

Workflow management is the method of processing a form that is specific
to a company.  For example, a company wants to allow vendors to offer new
products to a retail.  The approval process requires a Manager that tracks
a category of products, a buyer, and a pricer for company Y.  So the vendor
sends off the form, and the system moves the information through the different
approval steps.  A step may comprise of additional information that needs to
be entered (what the retailer is willing to pay for the product, or what the
retailer is going to charge the customer), or it may be a check-off status.
If the form meets certain criteria, the Manager may require a meeting with
the vendor--the workflow tool will take care of the arrangements.  It will email
the vendor, arrange the specific date and time of the meeting based on
parameters in the workflow tool.

Something like ColdFusion or Cocoon, these things will have to be hardcoded.
There are tools like Domino Workflow (kind of heavy handed), that make building
the pieces much easier, and rearranging them after the application has been
deployed easier as well.

>What OAS has ist "load balancing" and so on, it means you have more than one
>server which appear 
>to the clients as one. But how many sites are using this feature?

OAS?  Is that an open source package?  Load Balancing is very important to
us.  That's one of the things that Application Servers in general supply.

>> XML databases are in my view pointless.  We can use any number of tools
>> to generate XML from database records.  Using text files to store database
>> information is slow at best, and unusable at worst.

>I agree that text files are slow or unusable for large amounts of data.
>relational databases improve the situation, but are far from optimal for
>this task.
>An XML document could be stored in a database as a (DOM) tree
>together with meta information like the DTD.
>Relational databases are not very good for such tree (or forest) structures.
>Another idea could be to store the XML document in two ways simultaneously:
>a) the textual representation (= XML file)
>b) indexing information for the nodes and attributes

>Are there any open-source XML databases?

Sounds like an Object Oriented Database using DOM Nodes.  There are
Object Oriented databases,out there (check Freshmeat), but none that I
know of that are XML oriented.  You may run into the same problems that
Cocoon did with DOMs.  Specifically: even the lightest DOM requires 3
times as much memory as the XML document itself, and the tree traversal
algorithms still need speed improvements.

Until I see a hard implementation that can out perform relational databses,
and scales as easily, I will remain skeptical.

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