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From Bob <>
Subject Default XSL
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2000 04:10:05 GMT
Folks :

If you try to open up an xml document in Microsoft Internet Explorer,
and if you dont have an associated XSL, it still opens the document with
a default style sheet, which is pretty handy in the sense that it
provides some good capabilities like color coding of markup,
auto-indenting of the display and the best part, click and
expand/collapse. The good thing is it can operate on any XML document.
That internal style sheet has been made public by microsoft and is
available at :

This style sheet generates DHTML from the XML document.

I am trying to use this style sheet with Cocoon and am unable to do so.
I have tried specifying this style sheet for an XML document and it
doesnt work. Is there anybody who has tried doing this? or is a generic
style sheet available somewhere on the net which can be used with
Cocoon, and can provide similar capability? This would be real help as
most of our users have variety of XML documents with no XSL, and a
click/expand heirarchy display in the browser would be great help.

Any help or directions would be greatly appreciated

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