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From tore Storødegård <>
Subject sql processor and mysql????
Date Sun, 26 Mar 2000 13:07:50 GMT
Can anyone help me to get sql processor and mysql working

Accessing the database works perfect from a servlet, but when I try using
the cocoon sql processor, the response is not the same as the content in the
database. Accessing the database, and transforming to xml and then to html
works fine, but the content is not correct. Below you see an example of two
fields from two rows in the database.

Title 		AuthorName
[B@aa0df611 	[B@9689f611
[B@ac21f611 	[B@ac2df611

I am using:
Linux Redhat 6.1
MySql 3.22.22
MM Mysql jdbc drivers 1.2c
jdk 1.2.2 (Sun)

This is my xml file:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

<?xml-stylesheet href="sql-page2html.xsl" type="text/xsl"?>
<?cocoon-process type="sql"?>
<?cocoon-process type="xslt"?>


  <connection name="myDB_connection">

 <query connection="myDB_connection">
  select Title, AuthorName from news order by Title


Any ideas?????

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