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From Darren Scott <>
Subject Re: The real taglib bug
Date Fri, 02 Jun 2000 10:13:02 GMT
Hans Ulrich Niedermann wrote:
> Darren Scott <> writes:
> > If a Logicsheet has an XSL namespace of:
> >
> > ""
> All XSL stylesheets should use
> > I will *not* work - I get the ClassNotFoundException and an empty .java
> > file in the repository.

Hans, I just revisited your reply to an earlier posting by myself, and
realized I had been overlooking the '1999'

Thanks! - Just goes to show how easy it can be to be blinded by your own
preconceptions :-)

BTW - I've never seen any explanation of the functionality of this
attribute. The above URL is just a human readable definition - is there
any functional use? I used to think that the URL should point to a DTD,
but that doesn't seem to be the case. When I define my own namespaces,
should I use a similar HTML file which simply says 'This is an XML

Darren Scott
Production Director

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