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From "Yann" <>
Subject Memory greed investigation
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 11:52:36 GMT
Hi Cocooners,

I have recently been investigating why my Cocoon 1.7.4 -based NT server eats
so much memory without some of it being reclaimed when documents are served.

So I downloaded a 7 days evaluation copy of KLGroup's JProbe.

I did a test on a Cocoon XSP page using the XSP SQL tag lib that is supposed
to return around 86kb of data. JProbe showed that an ElementImpl object was
used to construct the XML tree. That object was garbaged collected, no
problem. A lot of String and char[] were allocated in memory and I suspect
it comes from the XSP cache. However after requesting the same page a couple
of times I noticed that some Xerces objects were not garbaged collected
(including the ElementImpl none).

Is that an issue known within the Cocoon development team?

I can't afford to have the NT box memory eaten up bit by bit until the VM
crashes (and it did). Or is that a more general Java issue?



P.S. I originally thought it was a JDBC memory leak issue but I now think
it's a Cocoon issue.

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