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From Joshua Chamas <>
Subject Re: Performance
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2000 22:43:30 GMT
Hans-Guenter Stein wrote:
> I wonder which is an average response time for an average non-cached
> cocoon-page.
> My tests revealed response times of 200-300 ms. Is this correct? What
> could I do to get better performance (without caching)?
> However, the main problem seems to be the scalability. When I create say
> 300 request per minute, the average response time goes up to 3-5 seconds
> (which is not acceptable for real world applications)! Is there any way
> to improve this?

You may want to look at other server solutions and see if 
they are any faster for your needs.  If you are not stuck
on Java, then perl has a couple of fast offerings based on 
modperl & Apache.

Below is a note I just sent to someone else about how 
Apache::ASP can be used for perl ASP scripting + XSLT.

I have seen no benchmarks comparing the speed of the perl vs java
solutions, and would recommend using Apache's own ab when doing
these benchmarks, as it measures requests per second and is built
in C.  

I would also like to start collecting simple benchmark data 
based on an easy "Hello World" XSLT for

so if you would be interested in submitting any numbers from 
your research, that would be great!

Thanks & good luck,



The latest Apache::ASP v1.93 has an XML/XSLT extension
which you can read up about at

and view the online example at

As an alternative to the Cocoon & AxKit environments,

Apache::ASP executes the XML & XSL as perl ASP scripts,
and then does the XSLT transformation to the output
of the two.  This dynamic XML & XSL is very powerful
and I see it as the state of the art for server side
XSLT rendering technologies, which both Cocoon & AxKit 
implement in other ways.

If you have not set up Apache + mod_perl, the learning
curve can be pretty steep, but can be simplified by
using the mod_perl guide as your bible:

Then learn how to use CPAN  "perldoc CPAN" to install
Apache::ASP & XML::XSLT

 > perl -MCPAN -e shell
 cpan> install Bundle::Apache::ASP
 cpan> install Bundle::XML

I'm assuming you already have perl installed somewhere ;)

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