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From Werner Guttmann <>
Subject Using <response:url-encode> ...
Date Tue, 11 Jul 2000 09:51:36 GMT

since an earlier email of myself got a bit ignored, I am assuming that
this is because of my inability to get the description of the problem I
am currently facing right ... ;-).

Well, in the past I have successfully used the XSP SQL taglib and an XSL
stylesheet to run

a) a query against an internal database
b) generate html (incl. a table) from the result set (sometimes using
the value of a field to create a <a href="..."> element based on the
content of the field)

So far, so fine. Nothing which is new and nothing which would be really

Last week, I tried to apply the same 'approach' to another set of tables
to produce a first prototype for some application. The problem this
time: the primary key of one of the tables is a string field which is
allowed to include blanks.

I guess in order to generate an <a href=".."> element again, I will have
to encode the url passed to the href attribute. And that's exactly where
I am stuck ... :-(. The response taglib apparently specifies an
<response:url-encode> element (with the matching template rule in the
logicsheet), but where I the above chain would I have to use it.

Any help would be appreciated.

Werner Guttmann

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